How YouTube Plans to Compete with TikTok

How YouTube Plans to Compete with TikTok

YouTube is popular all over the world, and it is hard to imagine the modern world without this online video-sharing platform. Moreover, it is working hard to expand its services. For example, the company launched its answer to TikTok called YouTube Shorts in the U.S. on March 18. It is worth mentioning that the short video format has been available for several months in India.

Let’s have a look at the YouTube Shorts to learn more about this short-video format. Interestingly, it comes with all the basics of any TikTok clone: a multi-segment camera that makes it easy for creators to quickly string together clips, a wide selection of music tracks and a robust-looking captioning tool. This tool debuted alongside the U.S. launch. As in the case of TikTok, users have the opportunity to swipe up through an algorithmically generated feed of short videos.

Moreover, they can subscribe to their favorite creators, explore hashtags or sounds. Also, they have the ability to remix other videos’ audio tracks. This is not the end of the story as even the interface looks similar to TikTok’s player.

YouTube Shorts and interesting details

It is worth noting that, instead of getting its own app, Shorts is part of a new channel on the home tab of the mobile YouTube app. Moreover, the company is also experimenting with a dedicated Shorts tab.

People should keep in mind that Shorts is missing plenty of features that make TikTok such a unique viral hit. At the moment, it lacks collaborative features. As a result, users won’t be able to reply to other videos or join together in a version of TikTok’s popular duet or stitch features.

Interestingly, the company views Shorts as a new avenue for the next generation of content creators to emerge. As a reminder, there is no lack of established creators on YouTube who specialize in making videos. Typically, such videos run 10 minutes or longer.

Moreover, Shorts offer creators a chance to break that mold. It is worth mentioning that YouTube will share subscriptions across traditional channels and Shorts.

It is not an easy task to compete with TikTok, Instagram’s Reels, as well as Snapchat’s Spotlight. Moreover, it will be even harder to become a leader. Hopefully, the company is willing to invest time and effort to make Shorts popular around the country. Despite all challenges, YouTube made the right decision, when the company decided to create a short-form competitor to TikTok.