How Tesla Plans to Support Ukraine?

How Tesla Plans to Support Ukraine?

Tesla asked Ukrainian employees to return to defend their country; they will receive the salary for at least three months. On Monday, the company sent emails to employees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; Accordingly, it was unclear whether this benefit would extend to employees in North America and elsewhere. Three months later, Tesla plans to review the Russia-Ukraine war and the plight of its employees to decide more on what will need to support it.

The Ukrainian president called on the reservists to fight back in February, ahead of the impending invasion. Sent by email on Monday, the 12th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the company thanked employees for bringing SpaceX, Starlink satellite internet service to Ukraine. Among other things, Tesla’s Energy team assembled and supplied lithium-ion battery energy storage systems to Ukraine; Known as Tesla Powerwalls, for launching Starlink equipment in Ukraine.

Tesla employees used inverters and charger cables donated by Tesla certified installers; they set up Starlink-and-Powerwall systems on the territory of Ukraine. They also made variable cables from scrap metal at the firm’s new plant; Which was built outside of Berlin to assist Starlink’s equipment.

Tesla Support to Ukraine

Tesla does not operate in Ukraine; however, the company said in a letter that around 5,000 Tesla owners and other electric vehicle drivers in the country could get free car charging at some Supercharger stations in Poland and Hungary, and Slovakia.

Also, Automakers Ford and General Motors quickly shut down their business in Russia after invading Ukraine. Stellantis announced in March that it set up a support team to work to support and monitor the health and safety of the company’s 71 employees in Ukraine.