How Tech Giants Are Trying to Deal with Various Challenges

How Tech Giants Are Trying to Deal with Various Challenges

Digital moves from tech giants such as Apple and Google are forcing the advertising industry to reassess the way it operates. In 2021, Apple started forcing off app developers on its platforms to ask permission before they can collect unique used by advertisers to target mobile ads and measure how effective they are. Many developers and advertisers rely on the identifier for advertisers or IDFA and it won’t be easy to adapt to the new reality. The company from California consistently said the change to its platform, is about privacy.

Nevertheless, digital advertising professionals say there could be a side benefit for Apple. This benefit is the increased power over its App Store. The company will be able to exercise more control over the kinds of apps that get popular and gross millions through the store.

The company could make it harder for app makers to draw clients to download their apps through in-app advertisements. That could help Apple instead to guide users to the apps that it chooses to highlight in the App Store for its business purposes.

The tech giant already banned the use of unauthorized third-party cookies. Many advertisers are using third-party cookies to track internet users and serve them with personalized ads on Apple’s Safari browser. Social media giant Facebook is likely to be one of the companies most affected by Apple’s decisions.

Apple is not the only famous company that is trying to change its business model. Google also plans to get rid of third-party cookies on Chrome. It is in the process of searching for an alternative. Last week, Google said it would give Britain’s competition regulator a say in its proposal to replace cookies.


Tech giants and taxes

Google, Apple, and other tech giants have to deal with other challenges as well. They are facing growing scrutiny from regulators around the world.

In June, the Group of Seven (G-7) richest countries reached a historic deal. They agreed to set a global minimum corporation tax of 15%. The move is aimed in large part at tackling tax avoidance from tech giants. Finance ministers from the Group of 20 are also expected to meet in Italy in June.

A global deal would be great news for many countries. Governments are trying to rebuild their economies after the coronavirus pandemic, and they need a lot of money to deal with problems.

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