How is Erdogan handling Turkey’s humanitarian disaster?

How is Erdogan handling Turkey’s humanitarian disaster?

In Turkey, the recent earthquake caused severe damage, killing thousands of people and destroying buildings and infrastructure. International politicians and investors are concerned about the humanitarian disaster. However, economists also say that President Tayyip Erdogan’s ability to handle the situation competently will influence his chances in the May presidential elections.

According to reports, the earthquake killed more than 14,000 people in the country. Everyone is mobilized to help those still suffering from the wreckage left in the aftermath. In the face of such tragedy, other problems, including skyrocketing inflation and regional security, moved on the second line.  

Instead, people are focusing on rescue efforts. Later, they will also try to rebuild the homes destroyed by the quakes. But in May, voters will likely choose government members according to their competence in the face of the current disaster.

Christian Kopf, the head of Fixed Income and Currencies at Union Investment in Frankfurt, noted that election results are unpredictable at this point. The earthquake became a wild card, and it’s hard to forecast the outcome. While some experts think that voters would side with the authorities after the earthquake 21 years ago, when another natural disaster struck the country, that wasn’t the case.

Kopf was referring to the 2002 year’s election when a 7.6 magnitude quake killed almost 18,000 people. At that time, people felt that the government’s response was inadequate and that poor construction practices were one of the causes of such a high death toll.

Will President Erdogan face charges? 

Erdogan’s government reacted to the disaster much more quickly than its predecessors in 2002. The officials are visiting the affected region. They also promised to support the people. That promise includes giving aid to the financial markets, as well.

Istanbul’s stock exchange had to suspend trading for five days. It also canceled all trades on Wednesday. The market lost almost $5 billion. Analysts say that a lot depends on Erdogan’s actions now. If he missteps, it may cost him his post.