‘How I Met Satoshi’, Teaching 100M People About Bitcoin

‘How I Met Satoshi’, Teaching 100M People About Bitcoin

By 2030, a Bitcoiner from Slovakia hopes to teach 100 million people. He tells how he met Satoshi Nakamoto and other notable Bitcoin supporters. Duan Matuska is a Bitcoin instructor and consultant, among other things. By 2030, the Slovak hopes to have educated 100 million people about Bitcoin (BTC) through speeches, podcasts, webinars, seminars, and possibly a Bitcoin teaching center in a faraway location (plans are currently under wraps).

The objective is to teach 100 million people about Bitcoin by 2030; the project’s name is ‘How I Met Satoshi.’

BTC in Slovakia

He works out at a small-scale Bitcoin mining facility in Slovakia, co-founded a crypto café called Paralelni Polis in the capital city of Bratislava, and has translated well-known Bitcoin publications into his home tongue, Slovak, in addition to his Bitcoin teaching ambitions.

Nonetheless, Matuska didn’t just dive into the rabbit hole during the 2017 bull run; he was armed with a background in mathematics and boosted by the passion of a tenacious buddy who was interested in open-source technology. He took time away from his teaching and consulting positions to learn more about Bitcoin. Within months, he had put his public speaking abilities to use by giving the first of several free Bitcoin seminars. In early 2018, something clicked at his first “open workshop,” which drew 40 or 50 participants.