How Amazon Plans to Vaccinate its Employees

How Amazon Plans to Vaccinate its Employees

Large companies are willing to open Covid-19 vaccine clinics at their facilities. As a reminder, earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance that employers with a large workforce can begin setting up Covid-19 vaccine clinics on-site. Interestingly, Cargill, Tyson Foods, some automakers, and manufacturers in Detroit are among a growing list of employees that launched on-site clinics as some of their facilities and Amazon is not an exception.

The tech giant made an important announcement on Thursday. Accordion to this announcement, it is setting up on-site vaccination clinics at fulfillment centers. The Seatle-based company opened its first on-site clinic at a warehouse outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

Amazon plans to open the clinics in Nevada and Kansas in the coming weeks. There is no need to worry about such clinics, as licensed health-care providers will be in charge of the process of vaccination. According to Amazon, it expects to launch vaccination sites at additional warehouses across the country as more vaccine supply becomes available to front-line employees in other states. It is worth noting that the company works with a third-party administrator who secures the Covid vaccines on Amazon’s behalf.

Amazon and coronavirus vaccines

Interestingly, Amazon offers up to $80 to its front-line workers. It means the company offers them $40 for each dose. This is not the end of the story, as employees who experience side effects from the Covid vaccine are eligible to take unpaid time off.

Moreover, the tech giant took steps to alleviate fears or concerns around the vaccine among its front-line employees. For example, Amazon posted educational information and positive messaging about the vaccine around warehouses. According to one such message, the vaccine is safe as well as effective. Moreover, it is the quickest way for life to return to normal.

Hopefully, Amazon as well as other big companies are willing to support their employees. As stated above, the tech giant plans to launch vaccination sites at additional warehouses across the country.  This decision shows that Amazon wants to vaccinate as many employees as possible.

Interestingly, Amazon’s announcement comes at a time when the U.S. continues to pick up the pace of vaccinations. The healthcare providers administer more than 2.5 million shots per day. Large companies have the potential to convince many employees to visit on-site vaccination clinics. Amazon made the right decision when it decided to launch vaccination clinics.

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