House Democrats vs. the United States President Donald Trump

House Democrats vs. the United States President Donald Trump

On Tuesday, House Democrats sought to push back on efforts by President Trump to take credit on the data for the positive economy. The United States President, Donald Trump, wants to make the economy a crucial part of his reelection message.

There were a series of speeches on the House floor. Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader (D-Md.) and key committee chairmen argued that tram inherited a strong economy from former President Barack Obama. They also argued that the economic policies of Trump are problematic.


Hoyer said that he hopes all his colleagues will look at the facts that he put forward. They must see what the Obama administration did adds the Majority Leader. Just look at the line, says Hoyer. He says that it’s almost a straight line up.

The election of 2020 next week will enter a new phase. Democrats will kick off the process of the selection of their presidential nominee with the Iowa caucuses. The next day Trump will be giving his State of the Union address before Congress.

The United States President Donald Trump will most probably link positive economic data to his 2017 tax-cut law. Moreover, he will include the administration’s deregulatory efforts. That is what politicians and economists forecast in his speech.

There was the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week. There Trump spoke negatively about the economy of Obama. He said that there was an economic turnaround under his presidency that is nothing short of spectacular.

Nevertheless, House Democrats don’t agree with that. They dispute if Trump deserves credit. They say the economy was doing very well before he took office. Thus, Obama had great efforts to pull the country out from the Great Recession. Democrats also claim that job gains were more substantial during the Obama presidency.

Arguments against Donald Trump

The top Democrat on the Joint Economic Committee, Republican Don Beyer said that let’s thank the president, but not the current president. The Democratic staff of the committee released a report which states that the economic gains during the administration of Trump are a continuation of profits from the end of Obama’s administration.

Democrats also attacked Trump over his tax law. That tax law passed with only Republican votes. They argue that it has not provided any long-term economic boost. Nevertheless, they add that Trump claimed it would have a long-term economic boost. Democrats say the tax law added significantly to the debt.

Richard Neal (D-Mass.), House Ways and Means Committee Chairman that the argument was that they are going to have this unparalleled economic growth. That is because of the Republican tax bill.

John Yarmuth (D-Ky), House Budget Committee Chairman, said that the Congressional Budget Office issued a report on Tuesday. The report finds that the fiscal outlook is worsened since President Trump took office. Deficits are rising to levels not typically seen unless the United States is in a recession or a major world war.

He said that the United States President Donald Trump did not use their fiscal space for repairing the roads. Also, he didn’t use fiscal space for repairing bridges that support the economy.

That was the argument against the United States President Donald Trump.