HFTrading Review

HFTrading Review

General Information

  • Broker Name: HFTrading
  • Broker Type: Forex
  • Country: Australia
  • Operating since year: 2018
  • Regulation: Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • Address: DJCA Ltd, Level 3, 50 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch,
    8013, NZ
  • Broker status: Regulated


Customer Service



  • Trading platforms: MT4
  • Trading platform Time zone: GMT
  • Demo account: YES
  • Mobile trading: YES
  • Web-based trading: YES
  • Bonuses: YES
  • Other trading instruments: N/A



  • Minimum deposit ($): N/A
  • Maximal leverage: 1:500
  • Spread: N/A
  • Scalping allowed: N/A








HFTrading is a fresh broker, starting to operate just a few years ago. It opened its figurative doors in 2018 and have been providing their service as a broker ever since.

The broker is located in Australia. The firm’s exact address is DJCA Ltd, Level 3, 50 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, 8013.

Many traders have been made weary by numerous scam brokers that have been abusing the industry to make a quick profit. We are glad to announce, however, that HFTrading does not belong to that group. The operation seems crystal clear so far, and complaints about them are few and far between. That means traders from New Zeland and Australia might just have a new home to look forward to.

Our word without any proof to back it up, however, might not sound convincing. That is natural, it’s only natural to be cautious in the world of online brokerage. That is why we’ll start with a list of some advantages using HFTrading can provide you:

HFTrading general information




Learning tools aren’t some sort of novelty, as they’ve been around for a while. However, there are not many brokers that offer the level of resources HFTrading does. There’s a multitude of e-books, that can teach you about basic concepts, such as common terms and beginner trading tactics, intermediate concepts like more complicated strategies to trade, and even high-level things such as trading psychology and the ins and outs of technical analysis.

That’s not even all, as the company made sure that there was an option for those that prefer audio-visual learning. Videos covering some of the same topics as the books above are available, and although they go into less detail, they are invaluable for those that want a head-start.




A lot of brokers charge small extra fees either when you deposit or withdraw money. And although the charges are usually low, 2%, or less, they do make it more challenging to maintain consistent financial gain. Especially when more substantial sums of money are at hand, these fees can add up to quite a nice amount over some time. There are no such fees at HFTrading, so you won’t need to worry about an extra layer of difficulty when trading.




Spreads vary wildly from broker to broker, but few have the offer that HFTrading does. Namely, spreads with HFTrading can start as low as 0.03, significantly below what you’d come to expect.




The number of trading products at HFTrading is high enough to beat out even some of the most well-established online brokers. Namely, there’s more than 750 available, which nearly ensures that the asset you want to trade for is present.






HFTrading has a parent company in CTRL Investments, which is a company that does its business in New Zeland and Australia. The parent company holds a license given out by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. The regulator is strict and doesn’t hand out licenses easily, so getting affirmed by them is no simple task.

A strict license, together with CTRL Investments having no dark spots on their reputation, already make HFTrading look like a great place to trade. However, one thing to always look at is user satisfaction. And we are glad to say that there weren’t any accusations of unresolved issues or malicious behavior.

Another layer of security is added, with their website being encrypted. Encryption jumbles the information you send to the broker, ensuring nobody can decipher what you actually wrote and steal your data that way. It keeps you safe from online attacks and ensures the things you type are for your eyes only.

There just aren’t any holes as far as HFTrading’s security and trust is concerned. The broker has taken all the right steps, providing an honest service that has extra security software on top of it.



There are three live account options on HFTrading’s website, each reflecting a level of trading, starting with beginner, moving up to intermediate, and ending at expert. Although the selection isn’t as large as it is with certain other brokers, the three accounts do cover all the bases and allow for a nice bit of personalization. New traders can also smoothly go through different skill levels without feeling like there is too much info around them.

Before you invest, of course, you will be able to try out the service HFTrading provides by using a demo account. While demo accounts are by no mean a rarity nowadays, there are still competitors that don’t have that option.

HFTrading accounts

More experienced traders, however, probably want to know what they can expect from the live accounts, so here’s a list with some of the specifications:



A selection of over 300 assets

Spreads: From 1.8

Max, leverage: 1:200

Swap discount: No


  • GOLD

A selection of over 750 assets

Spreads: From 0.05

Max, leverage: 1:400

Swap discount: 25%



A selection of over 750 assets

Spreads: From 0.03

Max, leverage: 1:500

Swap discount: 50%

Additional features: News alert, free VPS, hedging


Although the silver and gold accounts do lack some of the conditions of platinum, they let newer traders develop fundamentals without getting overwhelmed. 


As with other aspects of their service, the trading conditions are quite commendable. As we already mentioned, the spreads can go to an impressive 0.03, which blows most competitors out of the water. The best leverage you can get is 500:1, which is considered the industry standard, as most brokers provide precisely the same.

The next thing that is sure to impress traders is the number of trading products present. With over 750 assets, you will have the variety that allows you to make more quality choices, and more easily turn a profit. A nice bonus is that it is also more entertaining for some people to switch up the things they trade with from time to time, rather than using the same assets over and over again.

The last thing that’s important when the trading conditions are concerned is the spotless security and trust rating that the broker nets. These days, the risk of you not seeing your money simply because a broker decided to scam you is, sadly, very real. There are no such concerns with HFTrading, as they actually put the needs of their customers before anything else.


choose yoru terminal

HFTrading uses MetaTrader4, a name most are familiar with. And you’ve heard the name for a reason, it’s the premier trading software, used by millions of traders worldwide. It’s suitable for all skill levels, with its ease of use, allowing beginners to get to know the ropes quickly. However, powerful analytical tools ensure that even veteran traders can get good mileage out of the program.

That’s not all, as there’s also a web application that works in sync with other MT4 apps. The advantage that the web client provides is instant use without any need to download. Execution on the web client is swift, and you have your pick from nine trading timeframes. The functionality doesn’t even take a drastic hit, as there are numerous analytical tools and charts to help you make profitable trades.

HFTrading also ensured that you can trade on the go by making their client available through the Apple App and Google Play stores. That allows you to trade while you’re on the move, as long as you’ve got mobile data and a stable connection.



Although HFTrading provides an excellent service overall, where it really shines is when trading assets are concerned. There’s more than 750 you can buy and sell as soon as you get a gold (or platinum) account, and it’s nearly guaranteed you’ll find what you’re searching for. Here’s a shortlist of some of the trading products available:

  • Currencies and currency pairs – You’ll be able to trade some of the most popular currencies and currency pairs, such as EUR/USD and many others.
  • Spot energies – Many consider energies to be a stable market that’s good to invest in and relatively easy to predict. HFTragin lets you trade on oil and natural gasses, among others.
  • Spot commodities – There’s no shortage of commodities to take a pick from at HFTrading. Gold and silver and other metals are present, but other products such as corn or soybeans are there as well.
  • Spot shares – Shares are the basis of any good broker, and HFTrading made sure that there was a wide selection of shares of the world’s largest companies available.
  • Digital currencies – The broker made some of the most popular digital currencies available, so you’ll be able to trade for BTC, ETH, and LTC. But they also let users buy and sell cryptocurrency/currency pairs, an option you can rarely find elsewhere.



HFTrading doesn’t hide pages that let you contact both their customer support team and their management. The second option is curious and strengthens the integrity of HFTrading since most brokers go out of their way to hide their higher-ups.

They offer three ways for you to contact them. The first is a phone line, the second is an email, and the third is live chat, which you can open via their website. The customer support team is responsive and helpful, so you will have your questions answered or problems solved in no-time.

Phone number: +61 391139456

Email: [email protected]



It is challenging to find flaws in the service HFTrading provides, even if you were to look. The biggest downside is probably it is limited availability, only being open to traders from two countries in Australia and New Zeland.

Overall, it has all you would want from a trader, with a good variety of assets, fantastic customer service, and a quick and reliable platform. The security and reputation are also flawless, ensuring that you won’t have any uncomfortable experiences along the lines of not receiving your hard-earned funds. The account types are also enough to cover the needs of most traders.

We are quite curious about what the future holds for HFTrading. They have accomplished more in the short time frame they’ve been operating in than some older companies have in a decade. Hopefully, they will develop soon and open their doors to customers worldwide.

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HFTrading Review
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