Google Tech Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Border Wall

Google Tech Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Border Wall

Years have gone after a backlash over controversial government work. Thus, now Trump administrations will use Google technology to help efforts fortifying the United States-Mexico border. It is according to documents related to a federal contract.

Customs and Border Protection, in August, accepted a proposal to use Google Cloud technology. With the help of that technology, they will facilitate the use of artificial intelligence deployed by the CBP Innovation Team. That team’s name is INVNT. INVNT, among other projects, works on technologies for a new ‘virtual’ wall along the southern border that combines drones and surveillance towers. Thus, INVNT is blanketing an area with sensors to detect unauthorized entry into the country.

Google, in 2018, faced internal turmoil concerning a contract with the Pentagon. The agreement was to deploy artificial intelligence-enhanced drone image recognition solutions. The capability sparked employee concern that Google was going to embroil in work that could interfere with human rights concerns and cause lethal purposes. In response, Google ended its involvement with the initiative. The initiative’s name was Project Maven. Furthermore, Google established a new set of artificial intelligence principles for governing future government contracts.

Also, the employees protested the deceptive claims of the company the project. Moreover, they opposed attempts to shroud military work in secrecy. Involvement of Google with Project Maven had concealed by a third-party contractor ECS Federal.


Contracting documents show that new work of CBP with Google is done through-party federal contracting firm Thundercat Technology. Thundercat is a reseller. It bills itself as a premier information technology provider for federal contracts.

Tech Inquiry filed an FOIA request. Tech Inquiry is a new research group that explores corporate and technology power founded by Jack Poulson. Poulson is a former research scientist at Google. He left the company because of ethical concerns.

Moreover, Google becomes involved in implementing the border policy of the Trump administration. Moreover, the contract leads the company into the orbit of one of the biggest boosters of President Donald Trump among tech executives.

Thus, documents exhibit that the technology of Google for CBP will be in use with work done By Anduril Industries. Anduril Industries is a controversial technology startup founded by Palmer Luckey. Luckey is the brash twenty-eight-year-old executive. Moreover, he is the founder of Oculus VR. Facebook acquired Oculus VR for over two billion dollars in 2014. Furthermore, Luckey is a fundraiser and an open supporter of hard-line conservative politics.

He was one of the most demanding critics of Google’s decision to drop its military contract.

Let us see how Google will succeed with a startup.

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