Google Request for Employees to be Vaccinated

Google Request for Employees to be Vaccinated

Google has told its employees that they will lose their salaries; They will eventually be fired – if they do not follow its COVID-19 vaccination policy. A memorandum issued by the management states that the employees had to declare their vaccination status by December 3. Each of them must upload documentation proving the evidence. The company said it would start contacting employees and taking appropriate action after this date.

The document case that members who do not acquiesce to the vaccination laws by January 18 will receive a payment of 30 days of leave. The company will then put them on “paid personal leave” for up to six months. This will result in the termination of the contract if the condition is met. A Google spokesperson said vaccination requirements are one of the most important ways to maximize the safety of each employee; As well as practical service work. The company is free from all political influence.

Much of the tech industry continues to work remotely flexibly. However, Google asks workers to finally get back to their offices three days a week on certain new year days. The Biden administration has ordered American companies with 100 or more employees to ensure complete vaccination of their employees by January 18. In early November, a federal court issued a stay of the order, which suspended the administration’s work.

However, Google is still asking its more than 150,000 staff to transfer vaccination conditions to internal systems. The company says anyone entering the Google building should have full vaccination status; Or have an approved residence that allows them to work or get on site. The company also added that testing is not a suitable alternative to vaccination.

Google and Vaccination

Google and Alphabet have been behind the vaccines since mid-year. IN JULY, the CEO announced that the company was requesting vaccinations for those who want to return to offices. However, amid the spread of the virus and concerns, Google has told U.S. employees it has not yet requested that they return to their offices.

It is worth noting that the vaccine mandate is not generally accepted by staff. Hundreds of Google employees have signed and released a manifesto that goes against the company’s requirements. Vaccination requirements The company wants to extend to home-based employees as well.

In the latest guide, Google describes several options for those who do not want to receive the vaccine. The company said employees could investigate any role in the company that does not conflict with an executive order. They may also request exceptions for medical conditions or religious beliefs.

Employees on unpaid personal leave will maintain benefits for the first 92 days. After six months, their collaboration with Google will end if they still do not fulfill the mandate.