Gold is Proving to be Unshakeable above $1,700

Gold is Proving to be Unshakeable above $1,700

Gold is staying bold and steady above the critical psychological support of $1,700.00 that analysts projected it would tumble below.


In the latest charts from the New York Mercantile Exchange, the precious metal managed to notch a 0.8% boost, translating to a $12.00 addition.


The June contract is now hovering back and forth between $1,728.21 to a round figure of $1,730.00 per ounce.


It eased from a previous session high recorded at $1,731.05, taking it farther away from the psychological danger zone.


The recent strengthening emerged from a couple of factors, particularly on usual catalysts namely the US Dollar and Treasury yields.


The DXY fell by a conservative 0.04% but the 94.50 threshold is now clearer than ever, analysts warned.


The dollar’s movement has always been considered as a bane to the yellow metal’s existence, despite both being considered as safe-havens.


Moreover, the 10-year Treasury yield contract recently fell below 1.7 while the longer, 30-year contract steadied at 2.3.


The bullion’s recent rally is the second straight green day within the week, proving to be recovering from the losses incurred during the start of the week.


Currently, the bulls are eyeing towards $1,800.00 per ounce pricing which showed to be a difficult resistance to break in the past months.


Meanwhile, the bears are still keeping their grim fears on the possibility of a $1,600.00 per ounce settlement.


Thus, the current pricing is seen by fearful sellers as the best time to take profit and sell before the next dip.


Sentiment is Bearish amid Strengthening Dollar

Analysts’ projection is in line with the bears, with the expectation on the dollar’s recovery by next week.


President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is looking to be supportive of the greenback, with the expectations on a better, modern United States.


This recovery plan aims to put the country back on the center stage, and the USD will once again have the chance to prove why it is the world’s reserve currency.


Since the start of the year, the precious metal never managed to come back to the spotlight nor came near its August 2020 high.


Both spot gold price and futures contract remain subdued, recording painful falls and conservative hikes.


This is due to the shift in market preference on riskier assets amid the recovering overall business environment.


The shiny commodity’s sparkle lost since traders shifted their attention towards government debt yields which have risen to historic highs in the past weeks.

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