General Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness Problem

General Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness Problem

Most high-level artificial intelligence research has the goal of developing a general artificial intelligence (GAI). Those researches, in essence, want a synthetic mind that can function the same as a human, was it placed into a physical vessel of similar capability.

Nevertheless, most of the experts think that we are decades away from anything of the sort. Nobody understands what general artificial intelligence looks like yet. It is unlike other incredibly complex problems such as readjusting the Hubble Constant and nuclear fusion.

Moreover, some think we all need an entirely new calculus for creating the necessary master algorithm. Nonetheless, some researchers believe that Deep Learning is the path to machines that think like humans. Meanwhile, others believe that general artificial intelligence is impossible.

Nevertheless, the fact is that scientists do not utterly understand intelligence because it relates to the human brain. Moreover, they do not understand consciousness because it refers to anything. Thus, when it comes to understanding how knowledge and intelligence emerge in the human mind, we are scratching the grey-matter surface.

As far as artificial intelligence goes, in place of general artificial intelligence, all we have is smart algorithms and patchwork neural networks. Thus, it is hard making an argument that modern artificial intelligence will ever have human intelligence and even harder to demonstrate a path towards real robot consciousness. Nevertheless, it is not impossible.

Factually, artificial intelligence may already be consciousness.

Johannes Kleiner is a mathematician and Sean Tull is a physicist. The pre-published a research paper on the nature of consciousness. Thus, the article indicates that the universe and everything in it are imbued with physical consciousness, mathematically speaking.

Artificial Intelligence

The paper sorts out some of the math behind a popular theory called the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness (ITT). It is saying that everything in the entire universe exhibits the traits of consciousness to some degree or another.

Artificial Intelligence

The idea that consciousness emerged because of physical states supports the theory. Thus, it is an interesting theory. The person is conscious because of the ability to experience things. For instance, a tree is conscious because it can sense the sun’s light and can bend towards it. Thus, an ant is conscious because it can experience ant life, and on it goes.

It is a little bit hard comparing living creatures such as ants’ to inanimate objects such as spoons and rocks, though. Nevertheless, if you think about it, those things can be conscious because there is no spoon, as Neo learned in the Matrix. Moreover, if you will look closer, eventually, you will get down to the particles of subatomic shared by everything that physically exists in the universe. Rocks, trees, spoons, and ants are made of the same stuff.

Thus, there comes a question: how does that relate to artificial intelligence? Universal consciousness can be defined as an individual system at both the microscopic and macro level that expresses the independent ability to react and act following environmental stimuli.

Let’s see what will happen in the future. 

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