Gaitame Notices Trade Volume Drop in August

Gaitame Notices Trade Volume Drop in August

Gaitame is a forex broker based in the country of Japan. The firm has released information about the trading volumes throughout August. Surprisingly, although the account number across the service has gone up, trading volumes didn’t follow the trend. Namely, 1775 Gaitame saw 1775 new accounts, which equates to about an 0.34% increase from the previous month. However, trading volume came in at 296.5 million JPY, compared to 297.3 million in the month before.

Although the drop isn’t significant percentage-wise, dropping only 0.26 percent, it followed another drop. Namely, July was significantly weaker than June, falling by 7.7 percent. The decline, however, isn’t necessarily catastrophic, as June had an unexpected flourish. The bigger picture confirms that not everything is grim, as Gaitame’s August 2019 volume was 270.09 JPY. That means that this August was significantly stronger than the last, by nearly 10 (9.45) percent.

Along the continuation of surprising news, Gaitame’s month on month deposit actually increased. It grew from 113.5 million JPY to 114.1 million, which resulted in an uptick of 0.55 percent. Yearly, however, the picture is a bit more unfortunate for the broker. The deposit is smaller, although not by a large margin. August 2019’s was 114.3 million, meaning the current figure is about 0.19 percent smaller.

Gaitame seems to be aiming at returning trading volumes to the level they were at in March. The month saw the company achieve record trade volumes as the market was quite volatile due to the ongoing pandemic. However, achieving the same level of volume might be difficult, as it’s likely that they were a direct result of the market volatility. The exact numbers at hand are quite a bit above where they are now, as March’s volume was 553.4 billion, a 149.4 percent jump over the previous month.

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