Federal Reserve, United States Dollar, Euro, and Yen

Federal Reserve, United States Dollar, Euro, and Yen

As markets bet, Federal Reserve will cut rates this month, Euro, and yen gain on Dollar. Since 2016 with the most significant weekly benefits, yen firms. Euro carried trade pared back. Thus, the Euro was also up. On March 17-18 or even earlier, investors bet on Fed rate cut. Emerging markets currencies and Pound suffer.

Traders raised their bets of an interest rate cut by the United States Federal Reserve this month. They think the Fed will do that to shield the economy from the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Thus, on Monday, the Euro and the yen were on the front foot against the Dollar.

Moreover, the United States shares were routed in recent days. Jerome Powell is the Federal Reserve Chair. On Friday, he said that the central bank would act as appropriate for supporting the economy in the face of risk posed by the coronavirus epidemic.

Federal Reserve

Investors considered his comments as a hint that the Federal Reserve would cut rates of interest at least by 0.25 percentage points. The next scheduled meeting is on March 17-18.

Moreover, there is even an increasing chatter of an unscheduled move. The United States bank lobby economists said that a coordinated global interest rate cut by the top central banks might happen as early as on Wednesday.

Thus, there are expectations around the Fed. It underscored the scale and speed of the virus’ spread from China through to dozens of countries. It is a potentially crippling blow to the economy of the world.

The Dollar’s yield advantage is the critical support for the United States currency. Thus, investors expect the Dollar’s yield advantage to shrink as the Bank of Japan, and the European Central Bank will be seen as having minimal room for further cuts. It is because their rates are in negative territory already.

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