Federal Reserve System, USD/CAD and Unites States Indicators

Federal Reserve System, USD/CAD and Unites States Indicators

In October the United State’s Federal Reserve System held a conference. Meeting discussed the topic of the rate. There is a need for reassessment of the direction of the appropriate level of the standards.

UCD/CAD rate has stabilized because the oil prices advanced on Wednesday. The currencies are above the 1.33 index. Figures of Canadian inflation are within its expectations. Stephen Poloz, the governor of the Canadian Bank, talked yesterday.

United States

Meeting between the European Central Bank and the former president Mario Draghi released in its last minutes. The economic calendar of the US involves the Philly Fed Manufacturing Index and Existing Home Sales.

Clinging to $8,00 Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies remain on the back-foot.

The United States president Donald Trump might sign the bill today, which supports Hong-Kong protesters. The Senate passed a bill. In case the president changes a statement into the law, the relationship between China and The united states will worsen.

Above all, the situation is on the critical level already. The trade war and tariffs are threatening the global economy. Markets, businesses, and entrepreneurs suffer from uncertainty. Everyone wants a positive outcome. Chinese side doesn’t fully understand what Donald Trump wants from this deal. The only wait out of it is to remove tariffs.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Europe, United States

Although the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom wants tax relief. Moreover, the opposition Labor party will publish its manifesto. It offers a way how to fix inequality and hardly criticizes billionaires. Boosting GPB/USD, opinion polls show that conservatives are in the lead.

Sondland, the US ambassador in EU and the Republican donor, accused Trump and his administration in a quid-pro-quo deal with Ukraine. Once, he already changed his testimony. So, his trueness is under suspicion.

Also, The German finance minister said that in the Eurozone, the economic situation is weak.

Let’s see what happens to the global economy.