Facebook, YouTube, Mistakes and Artificial Intelligence

Facebook, YouTube, Mistakes and Artificial Intelligence

Facebook said that it would rely more heavily on artificial-intelligence-power content moderation. After that day, some users complained that the platform made mistakes. All that was because of Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, it was blocking a slew of legitimate posts and links. The blocked slew included posts with news articles related to the pandemic of coronavirus and indicating them as spam.

Users appear to be getting a message while trying to post their content, indicating it violates Facebook’s community standard. Moreover, their content is sometimes just a link to an article. The platform’s rules read that they work hard to limit the spread of spam. It is because they do not want to allow content that is designed to deceive, or which attempts misleading users to increase viewership.

As social media platforms continue to fight with Covid-19-related misinformation, the problem also comes. Moreover, some now are floating the idea that Facebook’s decision to send its contracted content moderators’ home may be the cause of the problem, on social media.

Facebook pushed back against that notion. Guy Rosen is the company’s vice president for integrity.

He tweeted that that is a bug in the anti-spam system. That is not related to any changes in their content moderator workforce.

Rosen added that the platform works on restoring posts.

The problem with Facebook is a reminder that any type of automated system might still screw up. Moreover, we must not forget that more companies, including YouTube and Twitter, are dependent on automatic content moderation with social distancing. It is because their employees have to work from home. They also warned users that, this week, more posts could get taken down in error, because of the increase in automated moderation.

Humans are Better than Artificial Intelligence

On Monday, in a blog post, YouTube told its creators that the platform would turn to machine learning. It will be to help with some of the work usually done by reviewers. The company is warning that the transition would mean some of the content will be taken down without human review. They also added that both contributors and users of the platform might see videos removed from the site. In reality, they do not violate YouTube’s policies.

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The company also warned that the unreviewed content might not be available in recommendations or via the search on the homepage.

Moreover, Twitter told users that the platform would increasingly rely on machine learning and automation for removing manipulated and abusive content. Nevertheless, the company acknowledged that artificial intelligence might not be a replacement for human moderatos.

In a blog post, the company said that they want to be precise. While they work for ensuring their systems are consistent, they might sometimes lack the context that their teams are bringing. That might result in them making mistakes.

Twitter announced that they would not permanently suspend any account based solely on their automated enforcement system, to compensate for potential errors. Also, YouTube is making some adjustments. The company said that they would not issue strikes on such content, but only in cases where they have high confidence that that is a violation.