Facebook Bug and The Political Violations from Trump

Facebook Bug and The Political Violations from Trump

Today Facebook will fix the problem. When users scroll down the news feed, a bug accesses an iPhones’ camera.

Owner of web design firm 95 Visual Joshua Maddux discovered the bug. It appears to be a problem to IOS, and it does not have an impact on Android devices.

Maddux posted his discovery on Twitter. There he shared his video that showed Joshua’s camera while he was scrolling Facebook.

He wrote an email to CNN about his discovery. Maddux stated that he thought he had opened the camera by accident. Then he closed a video on Facebook but saw the camera was still operating.

Facebook confirmed that such a bug exists. Moreover, they added that they are working on this problem and trying to find a solution. A spokesman said that this bug did not cause the uploads of videos or photos, though.

Until social media service manages to find a solution to the problem, experts recommend disabling camera access for the Facebook app.

Facebook is working hard to regain its users’ trust. This is especially true following its severe scandal in 2018.  It was called the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump hired a political analysis firm, and Facebook exposed around 87 million users’ information. This data was then used for political advertising.

Earlier this year, a security firm found out hundreds of millions of Facebook records were exposed to Amazon cloud servers.  


Trumps’ Fake Empire on Facebook

From August 2019, the newspaper, Epoch Times, faced a ban from buying advertisements by Facebook.

The paper was the right arm of the Donald Trump campaign and violated Facebook’s advertising policy.

Last month the media outlet called The Beauty of Life (BL) took the spotlight. The outlet had links with Epoch Times.

After the ban of Epoch Times, BL’s page also stopped running ads.  

Furthermore, Snopes.com posted a video on YouTube as a piece of evidence where people could see the links between the two organizations. Trumps’ Fake Empire on FacebookThis exposed that two Epoch Times writers are working in the BL’s operation center.

The BL created many fake American social media groups and profiles. Many of them have origins from Vietnam and other foreign countries. This information shows that these things are apart of BL’s and Trump’s strategies to fluctuate the size of their audience. In doing this, they were avoiding the rules of advertisement.

The main goal for doing this was to purchase massive numbers of social media ads that promoted their organizations and Trump Campaign ads.   

Snopes.com reached Facebook with a bunch of questions. The answer was full of vague responses. Additionally, they shared that they are working on and reviewing the information.

Does Facebook Respond?

Even though BL violated many social media rules, not only advertising violations, Facebook did not ban them. They used fake accounts, misrepresented themselves on Facebook, engaged in behavior designed to enable other offenses, and artificially boosted the popularity of content.

So, the Snopes.com has nothing to do in that case. Instead, they can only wait for some action from Facebook. They have many legal reasons to ban The Beauty of Life, at least from buying Facebook ads.