Facebook and Its New Feature “Feed Filter Bar”

Facebook and Its New Feature “Feed Filter Bar”

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and this fact highlights its importance. However, the company is no stranger to scandals. It is worth mentioning that, Facebook introduced a feature that will make it easier for users to choose what content shows up in their News Feed. Let’s have a look at the new feature called a feed filter bar.

Thanks to this new feature, users will be able to toggle between viewing algorithmically ranked content and the most recent posts from their favorite friends and pages they follow. Interestingly, Facebook already allows users to view their feed ranked by most recent posts or those created by friends. However, it is quite hard to find those options. Hopefully, the feed filter bar will make them readily apparent.

People should keep in mind that, the new feature is already available to Android users. Moreover, it will become available to iOS users in the coming weeks according to the information provided by Facebook.

As stated above, this feature is currently available to Android app users when they scroll up on their feed. Moreover, it follows additional controls including a snooze option. As a reminder, thanks to this option it possible to temporarily hide posts from a person, page, or person. Furthermore, Facebook added the ability to turn off political ads.

Interestingly, the company is rolling out a separate tool that lets users choose who can comment on their public posts. Importantly, the setting should feel familiar to Twitter users. As a reminder, they also have the ability to limit replies to their tweets since last August.

Facebook and various challenges

There are many social media platforms in the world, but Facebook is still very popular all over the globe.

Nick Clegg serves as the vice president of global affairs and communications at Facebook. He announced this feature in a 5,000-word essay. The company plans to introduce more ways for users to understand why content is showing up in their feed.

Moreover, Facebook will unveil more information hubs. The purpose of such hubs is to show users authoritative information in more areas where there is a clear social benefit. Last year, the company introduced hubs to provide users with accurate information regarding Covid-19, etc. Also, the company will introduce a racial justice hub in 2021. Hopefully, Facebook is working hard to cope with misinformation and other challenges.

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