Exclusive:RoboMarkets Rolls Out New Brand For German Traders

Exclusive:RoboMarkets Rolls Out New Brand For German Traders

RoboMarkets Pro, the new brand of German-based RoboMarkets has launched with a focus on targeting professional traders. Professionalism and automation are at their core in an effort to provide enhanced services for high frequency investors looking towards technological advancements that will help them make more informed decisions about which assets they should invest into next!

Europe is a hotbed for Forex and cryptocurrency activity, with many exchanges popping up to cater for the growing market. The latest addition has arrived in Germany and promises both security as well efficiency – something which seems fitting given how renowned they are amongst traders worldwide.

The new brand will focus on providing high-quality services to professional clients who are residents within the European Economic Area (EEA). According to this broker, they’ve seen increasing demand from such customers for their product offerings and have made changes accordingly.

Speaking on this new development, RoboMarkets Pro’s General Manager, Maximilian Felske, had this to say, “Professional traders are currently the most neglected group of clients in the brokerage business. We are, therefore, putting extra effort into paying more attention to them and making their trading more comfortable.”

New European Regulations

The European trading industry has been changing since 2018. The ESMA, an organization that regulates financial markets across all member states in Europe, has strict new regulations for leverage and other marketing tactics used by brokers towards retail clients. This caused several traders to leave their regulated jurisdiction’s brokerages instead seeking out those with more lax rulesets such as Geneva or London where they can still get help without being constantly Watch Guardian monitored throughout each transaction.

The new rules set by the ESMA state that:

– Negative balance protection is now mandatory, meaning that traders can no longer lose more money than they deposit into their account.

– Promotional offers such as bonuses and other forms of incentive are no longer allowed.

These new rules have been put in place to protect retail clients from overtrading and incurring heavy losses, but many feel that it has only served to hinder the industry as a whole. Many professional traders have left for more lenient pastures, and the average Joe is now struggling to make consistent profits.

The European trading industry is in a state of flux, and it remains to be seen how things will shake out in the coming months. For now, it seems that the days of easy money are over, and only those with the dedication and skillset to adapt will survive.

A trader on Robomarkets Pro will have access to 300:1 leverage, which is capped at 30:1 for retail traders.

Felske adds, “We notice this group of clients has a rising demand for high-leverage products. The company will, therefore, focus on satisfying this, serving them in the best way, starting from an onboarding process and continuing with specific conditions for the most popular products: CFDs on major indices, major currency pairs, etc. We strongly and categorically believe that for any solid and established brokerage group, it’s much more comfortable to have traders that are active mostly in the EU-regulated entities, rather than traders who are trying to onboard offshore units on their own initiative.”