European Stocks Fell as UK Reopened amid Rising Covid Cases

European Stocks Fell as UK Reopened amid Rising Covid Cases

On Tuesday, July 20, European stocks fell as the United Kingdom lifted its pandemic restrictions amid rising covid cases which can lead to more deaths.

In the London Stock Exchange, the FTSE All Share Index lost 2.32% with a net change of $92.92. This sent the stocks to the bottom at $3,910 per share.

Likewise, the FTSE 100 Index also declined 2.34% with a net loss of $163.70. This sent the stocks to lower at $6,844 per share.

Its worst performers include ITV PLC which subsided 6.64% or 8.05 points at $154.75 per share.

This was followed by Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC which sank 6.51% or 6.06 points at $118.88 per share.

Also, International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. dropped 5.23% or 8.78 points at $217.76 per share.

In the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the DAX and the MDAX Performance Index both fluctuated 2.62% or 407.11 points to $15,133 and 1.67% or 574.97 points to $33,875, respectively.

The MTU Aero Engines AG led the losses of DAX by declining 5.99% or 12.30 points to $227.27 per share.

Muenchener Rueckversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG followed by sliding 4.95% or 11.30 points to $255.42 per share.

Also, Deutsche Telekom AG lost 4.37% or 0.80 points to $20.56 per share.

Meanwhile, the firms that led the losses of the MDAX Performance Index include Airbus SE which sharply fell 6.30% or 6.98 points to $122.24 per share.

Then, Thyssenkrupp AG plummeted 5.24% or 0.43 points to $9.07 per share.

This was followed by Hannover Rueck SE which tumbled 4.90% or 7.10 points to $162.41 per share.

Global Stocks Crashed

Furthermore, global stocks crashed as Wall Street reached its worst day today in months.

In addition, Asia Pacific stocks were also down due to the threat of the continued surge in the coronavirus delta variant infections.

The Dow Jones International Average, NASDAQ Composite Index, and benchmark S&P 500 all plummeted 2.09%, 1.06%, and 1.59%, respectively.

Consequently, China’s Shanghai Composite and Shenzhen Component both lost 0.50% at $3,521.57 per share and 0.42% at $14,930.28 per share, respectively.

Moreover, Japan’s Nikkei 225 and TOPIX Index also decreased 0.75% or 206.72 points to $27,446 and 0.74% or 14.17 points to $1,892.96, respectively.

Lastly, the MSCI All Countries Asia Pacific Index declined 1.26% with a net loss of $2.59 sending the stocks to the bottom at $202.21 per share.