European Economy, United States, Currencies in the Market

European Economy, United States, Currencies in the Market

Amid increasing signs of divergence between the United States and the European economies, the euro has fallen 3.7%.

In the morning, trade moves in major currencies were slight. The single currency last bought $1.0796.

China says that in recent days, figures indicated a slowdown in new cases show the aggressive steps it has taken to curb commerce and travel. Those steps are slowing the spread of the disease beyond central Hubei province and its capital, Wuhan.

Nevertheless, it has not stopped worries to mount. Hedge funds are turning to proxies from railway movements fort porting the activity, and air pollution try to gauge how much production remains offline.

Gold’s value, priced in euros, jumped almost 2% to a record high overnight. For the first time since the United States-Iran tensions in the Middle East sent in spiking in early January, gold is sitting above $1,600.

Investors look to the minutes from the Federal reserve’s January meeting for insight into the Fed’s thinking about virus risks. It will come at 1900 GMT.

European Economy

Part-month Korean export figures and European purchasing managers index numbers, both due on Friday, will be closely watched for the first hard sings of economic impact.

Nomura analysts wrote in a note that they assess the risks. Risks are firmly put towards the harmful effects of COVID-19 lasting longer. They did it using the World Health Organisation’s designation for the illness caused by a coronavirus.

Therefore, they will maintain their cautious view through positions in long AUD/NZD and NZD, long USD vs. GBP, long USD/CNH, and long USD/THB.

In foreign trade, China’s yuan was last steady at 7,0017.

As the virus deepens, the economic paralysis deepens. Weak German sentiment sent the euro versus the dollar to 3 year low.

Investors are worried about a deepening economic fallout from the coronavirus. Thus, on Wednesday, the dollar stood tall over the weak euro and slowly exported currencies.

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