European Commission versus Vanderchik’s Organization

European Commission versus Vanderchik’s Organization

The European Commission organization is accused of seeking to cut EU funding for the continent’s poorest people by 50%. Supposedly, it is to secure post-Brexit extra funds and costs saving for defense projects.

The president of the European Food Banks Federation Jacques Vandenschrik said that proposed spending plans for the next seven years. But it risks not only the most vulnerable but the stable part of the broader society.

Institutions of the EU are currently hammering out the details of the bloc’s long-term budget. The withdrawal of the UK will leave a large hole to plug. The most difficult negotiations ever are over the commission’s proposal of 1,135 billion euros (970 billion pounds).


The current budget ends in 2020, containing a 3.8 billion euro fund for European aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD). It is to help EU member states in providing people with food and necessary supplies like shampoo, soap, shoes, and clothing.

There would be no such dedicated fund under the proposed 2021-27 budget. Nevertheless, member states will devote a minimum of 2 billion euro in total to the primary material and food assistance. Member states will allocate twice that minimum amount, hopes the Commission. But there will be no obligation.

Vanderchik’s Organization

Vanderchik’s organization helps food banks across Europe in distributing surplus produce to where it is most needed. It happens with the assistance of cash from FEAD. Vanderchik said that the commission’s proposal is a false economy.

The hardest hit will get the poorest people in Eastern European member states by the commission’s proposals, says Vandenschrik. About 6.6% or 33.1 million people of the EU population live in severe material deprivation. What are the best sex games on PC? From steamy sexy times in The Witcher 3, space rumpy-pumpy in Mass Effect: Andromeda, to kinky bedroom antics in Fallout 4, these are the sexiest games on .

When people and their children are hungry, they make plans. It won’t be helpful for society.

The commission proposed to merge the fund for European aid to the most deprived following an impact assessment.

Let’s see what happens.