eToro Launches New Product to Support Bitcoin Adoption

eToro Launches New Product to Support Bitcoin Adoption

Today, eToro announced their BitcoinworldWide launch, which is a brand new stocks portfolio.

eToro is a leading social investment network creating value in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The new portfolio includes companies supporting the adoption of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. According to eToro, their newly launched portfolio will have some exposure to Bitcoin too.

eToro also considers Bitcoin’s value chain to include firms operating in semiconductor, mining, payments, custodianship, exchange, and insurance spaces.

The multiasset investment platform intentionally excluded bullish companies on the world’s largest asset. However, they lack core business units related to the value creation of Bitcoin.

According to Dani Brinker, Bitcoin is increasingly in the spotlight as it crosses into mainstream awareness. Dani Brinker is the Head of Portfolio Investment at eToro.

The new all-time highs make headlines, but the most significant change around Bitcoin is not its price but companies building the value chain. From chip manufacturers to mining operations and those delivering services to support usage, exchanges, payments, and custody. 

eToro’s newly launched stocks portfolio includes companies such as crypto mining hardware producer, chip manufacturer, Canaan, payments firm, Nvidia, PayPal, and Coinbase – the public listed crypto exchange –

Portfolio diversification

eToro plans to facilitate its clients in portfolio diversification through their newly launched portfolio product. They also highlighted the growing Bitcoin’s popularity.

They aim to provide retail investors with an easy way to get exposure to companies that deliver a service or product essential to further Bitcoin’s adoption.

It’s a broader approach to bitcoin investing, which offers a diversified investment, uncorrelated with Bitcoin itself but maintains exposure to the crypto sector’s growth potential.

eToro clients will be able to invest in BitcoinWorldWide with a minimum of $1000.