Dollar, Euro, Yen, Sterling, and Other News of the Market

Dollar, Euro, Yen, Sterling, and Other News of the Market

Jobless have made claims, and the Markets have braced for an expected jump in the United States. The United States Senate is backing a two trillion-dollar stimulus bill. Coronavirus ravages the global economy.

The United States data will most probably show a surge in unemployment benefit claims. This is because firms lay off workers due to the rapid coronavirus spread. So, on Thursday, the dollar fell against the euro and the yen.

There are worries that Britain is not ready for a surging number of coronavirus cases. Moreover, healthcare systems in Spain and Italy are already being overwhelmed. Thus, the pound has had extended declines against the dollar and the euro.

New Zealand and Australian dollars are both closely linked to the trade of the global commodity. Traders are thus avoiding taking on excessive risk. Thus, both currencies have fallen against their United States counterpart.

Dollar and Others

Investors were happy to welcome the passage of a $2 trillion United States stimulus package. It was passed to offset the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, as the healthcare system struggles to cope, there are already indications that some U.S. states will need more money for medical supplies.

Tohru Sasaki is the head of the Japan Markets research at JP Morgan Securities in Tokyo. He said that it could be difficult for the markets to digest the weekly jobless claims.

He said that evaluations have produced incorrect numbers, and prices are expected to rise to a certain extent. Nevertheless, some people think things will get even worse. In the end, as investors choose to bring their money home, that might support the dollar.

On Thursday, the dollar fell 0.69% to 110.47 yen.

The dollar fell 0.34% to 0.9739 against the Swiss franc.

Sterling was little changed at $1.1875. Nevertheless, it short fell to 0.45%, 92.02 pence per euro.

The British government announced that the total number of coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom rose to 9,529 on Wednesday.

This is the leading news regarding the market.

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