Part III: The Digital Field of 2020 and its Forecasts

Part III: The Digital Field of 2020 and its Forecasts

The concept in 2020 is to use advanced statistical models for isolating the most likely causes for a user’s particular behavior. People who are frequently writing product reviews online make more purchases than people who write fewer or no reviews. Nevertheless, this correlation can occur because of different factors. For example, we can say that the review writer is more loyal to the brand. They encourage brand loyalty for a better approach to increase sales.

A lot would be gained if businesses are capable of isolating the three most possible causes without an A/B experiment run. It will help product teams to prioritize and will simplify the decision-making process. It will also be useful for the companies because they will be able to allocate their resources for data analysis better.

Other Details of the Technology Forecasts

The threat landscape continues to evolve, simultaneously with technology. CISO at Tanium Chris Hodson claims that last year more than half of British companies reported cyberattacks. Titanium had the biggest concern for IT decision-makers within the organizations of the UK. The biggest concern of the coming year is not having enough visibility over the increasing number of IT endpoints, such as servers, virtual machines, containers, cloud infrastructure, and laptops. It left them unable and unaware to protect all systems. The sophistication of attackers rising is the next most significant area of concern. Employees were clicking on a million malicious links. The complexity of managing, virtual, cloud, and physical infrastructure is also a problem. Let’s see how next year will manage to solve it.

All this underlines the fact that successful cyberattacks usually occur when businesses fail to obtain professional security and security concepts rights.

Director of Strategic Threat at Darktrace Marcus Fowler is highlighting the ransomware ran riot of 2019. Across the US alone, more than 70 local governments were devastated last year.