Demaxis Review

Demaxis Review

General Information

Broker Name: Demaxis

Broker Type: CFD

Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Operating since year: 2022

Regulation: –

Address: Beachmont Business Centre, 311, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Phone: +18007652408

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English

Availability: MON – FRI, 9AM – 5PM


The Trading platforms: Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: /

Demo account: Zes

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: No

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit:

Maximal leverage: 1:400

Spread: Floating

Scalping allowed: Yes


  • General Information & First Impressions
  • Fund and Account Security
  • Registration at Demaxis
  • The Trading Accounts
  • Demaxis’ Trading Platform
  • Funding and Pricing
  • Demaxis’ Trading Products
  • Customer Service at Demaxis
  • Conclusion


Broker Review: Demaxis

Broker Review: Demaxis

General Information & First Impressions

Demaxis is a new brokerage coming from a popular spot for brokers, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Its exact address is Beachmont Business Centre, 311, Kingstown. The broker aims to be a versatile company and make a spot for itself as an open, potent, beginner-friendly firm. Our Demaxis review will inspect the broker’s quality and its success in creating a competitive trading environment.

To achieve its goal, Demaxis needed to organize a diverse library of assets. As we all know, the simplest and most user-friendly way to do that is via CFDs. And some traders prefer non-CFD trading, but in reality, there’s very little functional difference between the two. CFDs have numerous advantages, even beyond the fact that they allow brokers to have a diverse trading product library. As such, we believe Demaxis’ decision to go with CFDs ultimately brings many benefits to most traders.

On top of that, the broker has numerous other conditions that bolster the trading experience. It’s one of the few new brokers to offer a demo account, and it also has a clear website. That has numerous advantages in the realms of accessibility and trust, which we’ll discuss later in our review.

Naturally, our first impression of Demaxis was fantastic. It’s one of the few new brokers that don’t look like they’ve cobbled together a website to earn some quick money. Instead, it values transparency and has created a service with a user-first approach. That makes it feel much more competent than most of its peers, which you’ll see for yourself if you go to

Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

As we said earlier in our Demaxis review, it crafted its service with transparency in mind. That’s not something we can say about a lot of new brokerages, and it definitely lets stand out. You just get the feeling that you’re dealing with a professional company and not a throwaway service. That’s quite an impressive accolade for the broker, especially since it’s still so new.

But we do need to clarify why we think the broker’s safety stands out. A good part of that comes from the broker’s own confidence. Specifically, brokers that let traders use a demo account are much more trustworthy than those that don’t.

The reason is simple; a demo account lets you get full insight into what a broker offers. And if a broker is willing to show you that, it means it knows it has a good product. That alone makes it more trustworthy than scam brokers that hide whatever they can get away with.

Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier in our Demaxis review, it also has a transparent website. Once again, that positions it as a trustworthy brokerage. Scammers try and confuse inexperienced traders into signing up for something they don’t understand. Opposite that, Demaxis lays out its conditions comprehensively, so even beginners can understand.

That creates a user-friendly atmosphere for the broker, which ties in with its overall theme. The way the broker organizes its security measures plays a significant role in its company identity. We’re glad when we see a new broker take customer safety as seriously as Demaxis does. We believe the brokerage is one of the most secure new online finance companies you could find.

Registration at Demaxis

Registering at Demaxis is fairly simple. Of course, you need to find the registration button first, which is easy enough. There are many scattered across the website, so one’s always close by. If nothing else, you can always scroll up and find the sign up button in the top right corner of your screen. It’s red against a white background, so it’s fairly noticeable.

Once you’re there, you’ll need to turn in some personal information like your name, age, and address. That’s the bare minimum Demaxis needs to know, just to make sure you fit its legal requirements. Of course, you need to be of age and inside the broker’s service area. If you’re a trader from the United States, Iraq, or North Korea, you sadly won’t be able to sign up.

There are a few other useful features there, like selecting your currency and opting in or out of promotions. The broker also has a referral program, so you can denote the person that brought you to

The Trading Accounts

As we said numerous times up until now in our Demaxis review, the broker’s account structure starts with a demo. That’s a great sign as it lets you explore everything a broker has to offer. You’ll be able to authentically experience the broker and form a precise image based on what you see. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to get some experience under your belt without spending money. Demo accounts don’t fully mirror real trading, but they’re the closest you can get.

Once you move on to the paid account, the broker decides to go with a unique approach. Namely, there are only two account types, and only one is meant for active traders. That guarantees a fair experience across the board and doesn’t force you into deposits.

Furthermore, it forces the broker to make the best possible experience without requiring higher deposits. Since there’s only one type, it can’t afford to hide luxury conditions behind higher price points. That guarantees a transparent and beneficial trading experience even for budget traders.

There’s also the managed account, which lets you accumulate funds without effort. It’s an excellent option for traders that want a more hands-off approach. Naturally, the broker still gives you a good degree of control over what you want to accomplish.

Here’s a rundown of some of the properties of the accounts:

The Trading Accounts


  • FREE Demo Account
  • Step-by step tutorials & articles
  • Online webinars & local seminars
  • Your own Account Manager


  • Tight spreads
  • Superfast trade execution
  • Hi-tech forex trading tools
  • Ultimate risk protection & security


  • No need to be an experienced
  • Large number of strategies
  • Profit whenever Managers earn
  • Full control of your Investment

Demaxis’ Trading Platform

Demaxis' Trading Platform

Demaxis uses a proprietary platform which emphasizes the broker’s core values. To that end, it has an intuitive interface that lets newbies and inexperienced traders get used to it quickly. All the core functions are fairly apparent and you don’t need to be too tech-savvy to fully utilize the platform.

However, you can also dig deeper and unlock some of the platform’s more sophisticated features. There are analytical components and news you can use to boost your trading success. It supports multiple order types and allows for multi-chart analysis. That lets you visualize the data you’re using for analysis much easier, forming a much clearer image.

The platform is available in all three major forms. You can use it via your Android or iOS device by downloading an app. Otherwise, you can also use it on computers via a browser or as a downloadable terminal.

Funding and Pricing

Pricing is one of the broker’s greatest strenght functionality-wise. As we said earlier in our Demaxis review, its user experience is fantastic. However, it wouldn’t be a complete brokerage without strong trading conditions.

Luckily, Demaxis has fully competitive prices that are apparent and easy to read. There are no extra costs on deposits or withdrawals, and the spreads themselves are tight. Since the broker has a fantastic platform, you won’t experience slippage. That means that, even for bigger orders, you’ll get exactly what you see. Naturally, that lets you navigate markets much more precisely and achieve incremental profits.

It even innovates in funding, adding Bitcoin on top of the regular funding methods. As such, the broker positions itself as a great transitory tool for crypto-only traders. It also lets those that prefer to do so avoid fiat currencies entirely. As we already said earlier in our Demaxis review, deposits and withdrawals are entirely free.

Demaxis’ Trading Products

As we said earlier in our review, it organizes a vast trading instrument library via CFDs. With over 2,000 options, it allows traders to find the assets they’re looking for easily. Here are the trading instrument categories you can expect to see when you open the broker’s trading window:

  • Currencies
  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Metals
  • Digital Currencies
  • Energies

Customer Service at Demaxis

The broker offers a fairly standard customer support structure. It operates from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM. That’s a fairly standard work time that matches well with when the markets are open. You can reach the support team via phone, email, or live chat.


Phone: +18007652408

Email: [email protected]


Customer Service at Demaxis


Demaxis is a fantastic new brokerage that should be a model for its future competitors. It doesn’t feel like it’s a company that started its lifespan. Instead, the broker offers strong conditions and treats its customers extremely well. As we said near the start of our Demaxis review, it’s apparent the broker is professional.

The safety and trading conditions are broadly unmatched by similar competitors, and the effort the broker put in is apparent. Traders that sign up can feel that and are sure to be content with the service. We definitely recommend giving Demaxis a shot if you’re looking for a new broker.