DARTs Show 24% Annual Increase from Interactive Brokers

DARTs Show 24% Annual Increase from Interactive Brokers

The client accounts in the US-listed brokerage reported a noticeable increase in August.

During Wednesday’s August 2021 brokerage monthly data release, Interactive Brokers LLC (NASDAQ: IBKR) revealed a rise in the DARTs (Daily Average Revenue Trades). 

Their press release shared to Finance Magnates showed that the firm encountered 2.170 million DARTs in August. This is equivalent to 24% more than 2020 numbers and 8% less than July.

Moreover, terminating client parity based on client-related numbers would cost about $364.6 billion, 53% more than last year and 4% up from the month before.

Still, Interactive Brokers’ cutting on client margin loan balances reached $49.7 billion in August, which according to 2020, it is 63% higher and 4% higher than the previous month. 

Concerning the clients’ accounts, about 1.49 million new clients joined in August, 57% higher than last year’s figures and 3% higher than July.

When it comes to the DARTs, the firm also reported 329-year end regular cleared DARTs in every client account. Its main products for the period included; stocks that had an average commission for each complete commissionable order costing $1.68 and a regular order equal to 1,962 shares, coming after equity choices that have $3.46 and 6.3 contracts, individually.

July Report

In July, Interactive Brokers also reported a client DARTs totaling 2.36 million, a noticeable 4% drop compared to the month before but 32% higher than the same period in 2020.

Remarkably, the US-listed brokerage recorded 37,200 new traders within the month, bringing the number up to over 1.45 million. The new client registration cost is 32% higher than in June, though it increased slightly by just 1% from July 2020.

Furthermore, Interactive Brokers also recently publicized the official launch of the exceptional service of a Mastercard prepaid card only for Canadian customers. This way, the stakeholders in the country could transact using their IB account balances.

Additionally, customers who acquired the prepaid cards were eligible for benefits like buying power and money withdrawals for the complete package of features accessible to IB Canada clients.