cTrader Demand Ignites Spotware Infrastructure Upgrade

cTrader Demand Ignites Spotware Infrastructure Upgrade

The immense competition between trading companies in Cyprus has triggered new ways of operations and client services. Most of the brokers have injected vast quantities of investment into upgrading infrastructure to meet the higher demand.

Spotware Systems has linked with several brokers to activate solutions to advanced technology. Lately, cTrader has been taking shape with recent research showing it as the preferred alternative trading platform after the removal of MetaQuotes’ MT4 and MT5 from Apple’s Appstore.

The software provider quoted that the company is ready to embrace every broker brought on board. Its comment reflected its urge to increase its international coverage and reduce latency on its trading platform.

The technology provider, Spotware, has a strong infrastructure that includes cserver, well put as a backbone of cTrader. The server consists of different servers in locations such as NY2 in New York and Equinix LD5 in London.

Besides the servers, Spotware provides over 150 proxy cloud points that enable clients to get access to uncompromised liquidity connections.

In addition, the servers provide all-inclusive backup, security, and seamless global connection to cTrader. The improved connectivity between Equinix NY2 and LDG data centers is one of the infrastructure upgrades the firm is investing in. The firm also focuses on new proxy points in Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.

“After the rapid increase of onboarded brokers on our trading platform, it would only make sense to be proactive and upgrade our infrastructure in order to accommodate the ongoing increased demand,” Avanesov, Spotware head of network operations, said.

“These and many more upgrades will enable cTrader Brokers to offer a seamless trading experience with the lowest latency possible, sub-millisecond processing, and a 100% uptime, regardless of their traders’ location,” Avanesov added.

Spotware Centre Of Target

The metrics show an increase in the number of brokers on cTrader by 46% year-on-year over the last five years.

The increase caused was by the removal of the competitor from the App Store, and the increasing demand. The main catch has been brokers looking for a competitive edge that would benefit their clients.

However, the returns for the year, are expected to be lower due to the upgrade, expansion of its infrastructure and workforce, and the investment made in these.

Earlier this month, Spotware launched the latest web of cTrader. The company as well introduced OAuth, a new solution designed to revolutionize the mobile trading experience of users.