Crypto companies to increase ties with sports

Crypto companies to increase ties with sports

Crypto companies seem enthusiastic to get new audiences and go into the mainstream. They are becoming one of the biggest advertisers and supporters in sports.

There are various examples of companies from the sports industry stepping into crypto. 

The National Women’s Soccer League stepped into crypto recently, signing a deal described as one of the most important alliances the league has ever made with crypto.

Helping crypto get new audiences

For Voyager, the deal with the NWSL is a great chance to gain the attention of a new audience. Other sports deals include sponsorships with Dallas Mavericks and Landon Cassill.

Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich said they see it as a chance to engage with the NWSL players, their fans, and their community exceptionally. He said that the fascinating thing to him is engaging with women’s sports. He additionally explained that it’s an important factor for the company to give these women an opportunity to have a stronger financial future through crypto. According to CNBC and a survey, men are dominant investors in cryptocurrency.

A considerable part of Voyager’s investment in the NWSL will create a fund split across each player. Voyager will also provide players with financial education on crypto. Marla Messing, the NWSL interim CEO, said in a statement that Voyager’s investment is incredibly innovative as they designed the partnership to include education and immediate financial resources for each player. In fact, it will be a part of the revolutionary transformations in digital assets.

Furthermore, sports leagues are quickly adopting crypto, creating a sponsorship category that barely existed a year ago. signed a deal with UFC that saw its logo on the clothes worn by athletes during competition. It followed a $100 million sponsorship agreement with Formula 1.

Major League Baseball signed a deal with FTX this year.