The Conservative Commentator Ben Shapiro Destroys AOC

The Conservative Commentator Ben Shapiro Destroys AOC

Ben Shapiro, the conservative commentator, slammed republican Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He criticized her for her recent remarks on the ills of the capitalist system during the event of commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

On Tuesday, Shapiro said on “The Ben Shapiro Show” that AOC trying to explain economics is the same as a badger trying to teach calculus.

During the event of Monday, Ocasio-Cortez attacked billionaires for taking a billion dollars from the backs of their employees. She said that those employees were undocumented people, people of color being paid under minimum wage, and single mothers.

Ocasio-Cortez said during a discussion with author Ta-Nehisi Coates that no one ever makes a billion dollars; you take a billion dollars. She also added that she was not there to villainize billionaires and say that they are inherently corrupt.

To further demonstrate her point, she addressed a hypothetical widget manufacturer.

Ocasio-Cortez says that manufacturers don’t make those widgets. Nevertheless, it employs thousands of people. Then these companies pay their employees less than a living wage to make those widgets. As the Republican claims, the capitalists only sit on a couch while thousands of other people are working for them.

Shapiro says that it is a full-scale insanity theory.

Shapiro says that the Republican suggests that if you are capitalist, entrepreneur, or businessperson, then you don’t get to make a profit from the products in which you have risked and invested.

Ocasio-Cortez advocates for democratic socialism. She encourages billionaires to surrender their “control and power.”

AOC said she wants not the money of the billionaires’ but their power.

Shapiro vs. AOC

Shapiro said that AOC had not generated a single thing that has done any good to anybody for her entire life, except she mixed a few drinks. Shapiro referred to the lawmaker’s former career as a bartender. Otherwise, says Shapiro, she has not run a business. Thus she has not created any job.

Ben Shapiro

He adds that for at least hundreds of thousands of years, there have been workers. Nevertheless, prosperity began when people started investing in the labor of others and engaging in free commerce and trade.

Shapiro noted that the global GDP has multiplied by 15.700 percent between the years 1800 and 2015.

Now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sits there and says they want their power. It’s a bit strange to criticize capitalists when you don’t have any idea how it works and what risks they are going through, especially since she is talking about it publicly.

Unfortunately, nowadays, in politics, we can see many individuals judging and examining what they don’t know, acting as if they know the issue entirely.

In the past, AOC has made some irrational arguments. She was criticizing the Former ICE Director for catching the people who were crossing the border illegally in the United States. The former ICE Director had to explain to her that crossing the border illegally is unlawful. And when a person does something illegal, the police have to respond. Some people might question how she reached the position that she is currently in, but the response is unknown.