CMC Markets Signs a Sponsorship Deal with Sydney Sixers

CMC Markets Signs a Sponsorship Deal with Sydney Sixers

Cricket is the most played sport in Australia and one of the fastest-growing games in the Big Bash League.

Today, the CFDs brokerage firm signed a one-year deal to become the Sydney Sixers team’s primary sponsor. The agreement covers the 2020/2021 season.

Australia’s Big Bash League is the fastest growing game, and it makes sense for CMC Markets to pad up and join in this winter.

The Sydney Sixers join the CMC Markets’ roster of Aussie sports properties. They include its recent sponsorship deal with the football team, rugby team, St Kilda FC, and NSW Waratahs.

Although they haven’t disclosed the deal’s specific details, securing the “official partner” status often includes official club advertising materials and joint campaigns.

The partnership brings up an exciting opportunity for CMC Markets to target families through a broad attendee and viewership market.

The team usually draws a large TV audience for their matches. The number has been growing annually. The growth enables sponsors to deliver their marketing messages in a fun and entertaining way.

The deal offers media facing assets and an engaging opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of Sydney Sixers fans and Big Bash League followers online.

Also, the Sixers have the highest social media following of any cricket team on Instagram and Facebook.

Cat Gallagher elaborated by saying that Cricket is a tradition fans adore across the country. It is also synonymous with Australian summer. Cat Gallagher is the Head of Commercial for the Asia Pacific at CMC Markets.

Cat Gallagher added that Cricket is one of the most successful teams in the BBL. He said the Club’s strong focus on inclusivity and leadership resonated strongly with CMC as a partner.

The Sydney Sixers is one of Australia’s premier sporting clubs that provide the best value for summer entertainment.

Also, CMC Markets are Australia’s best value online broker. Between them, they are both passionate about innovation and customer experience.

Jodie Hawkins said they were excited to work with CMC Markets to bring some of BBL’s most engaging data to their fans’ devices.

Jodie Hawkins is Sydney Sixers General Manager.