Checkr and Threatened Hiring Process of the Employers

Checkr and Threatened Hiring Process of the Employers

Since the Great Depression, unemployment in May reached its highest levels. Nevertheless, companies like Uber and Postmates have continued hiring new workers during the pandemic. However,  there is a good chance that you will need to pass an artificial intelligence-powered background check from a company like Checkr. That might not be as easy as it is sounding.

Moreover, at the forefront of a potentially problematic and new kind of hiring is Checkr. It is because of the still-emerging technology-powered Checkr. Those hoping to get quickly extra work are complaining that Checkr and others using artificial intelligence to do background checks are not addressing mistakes and errors on their criminal records reports. Moreover, a glitch in the system can cost some a job in those cases.


Nevertheless, that is not exactly a new problem. According to legal records, Checkr has faced a slew of lawsuits for making mistakes that have cost people much-desired work opportunities. For example, one complaint came from a man that hoped to drive for Uber. He alleged that he was wrongly linked to a conviction of murder that belonged to someone with a similar name. Another example is that person hoped to work for the giant of ride-share, and Checkr erroneously reported about him committing several misdemeanors. Misdemeanors included the possession of a controlled substance. Those crimes belonged to another man with a similar name.

Moreover, many companies are using Checkr for automating aspects of the process of hiring and to cut down costs. Some of those companies are using artificial intelligence to judge applicants’ social media behavior, compare criminal records, analyze facial expressions during video job interviews, and scan through resumes. Moreover, nowadays, when there is a pandemic, such technology sounds very appealing. It is because through Checkr hiring process is quicker.

That is the wrong side of the Checkr

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