Blackstone500 Review

General Information

Broker Name: Blackstone500

Broker Type: Forex, metals, cryptos and stocks

Country: UK

Operating since year: 2008

Regulation: –

Address: Prime Tower, Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Phone: +442036770120

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English and more

Availability: –



Trading platforms: Activ8

Trading platform Time zone: –

Demo account: –

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: –

Bonuses: –

Other trading instruments: –




Standard account

Minimum deposit ($/€/£): 250

Maximal leverage: 1:30

Spread: From 1.3

Scalping allowed: –


Collosseum account

Minimum deposit ($/€/£): 3,000

Maximal leverage: 1:30

Spread: From 1.5

Scalping allowed: –


VIP account

Minimum deposit ($/€/£): 12,000

Maximal leverage: 1:200

Spread: From 0.1

Scalping allowed: –


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  • Account Types
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  • Conclusion


A general overview


Blackstone500 is a brokerage dealing in a multitude of assets. It offers services in forex, metals, cryptos, and stocks. Such a wide range of options is hardly optimal. A brokerage is better off taking one niche and doing incredibly well in it. It is very rare for a company to do all this at once, and do it well. It is only the very best of brokerages that pull this off. It is more likely that the company is trying to pull in as many traders as is feasible. The website feels professional at first, but it soon seems to turn into a maze. This makes it very difficult to find out a lot of information about the company.

Blackstone500 review scam


It claims to have been very successful in all of its ventures, even winning awards. However, it is hard to believe this. The reviews one can find out about is online are quite poor.

Blackstone500 purchased ratings

What’s more, all of the references to the company are from the year 2020. This makes it hard to believe that the company would have really won an award in 2017. Neither is it believable that the company has been around since 2008, as they claim. If it has been around so long and has won so many awards, surely it should have more of a presence?


Also, the only phone number they offer is British, although they say their office is in Switzerland.


Judging by all this, it’s hard to say how trustworthy the platform is. You may even consider it a scam.

Regulations and Licensing

As far as regulations go, there are none. A company that has had so many awards should surely have a regulator at least? No? We cannot find and regulators, and that is an awful sign. It signals that no-one has approved of their services. Therefore, it is hard to say anything about the quality of their services really. The pictures of awards are quite superficial, it seems.

Account Types

The accounts they offer are varied. However, there is something quite strange about their deposit sizes.

blacktone500 accouunt types

Blackstone500 offers their deposits in a range of currencies, but at the same price for each of them. It seems highly unlikely that they would have a flat fee for all the currencies. It is more likely that they stuck on a price and added the currencies next to them. People could easily get around this system if it was real, putting the smallest deposit possible. Therefore, we have know seen further signs that this brand is quite likely to be a scam.

They do not mention if they offer scalping, although they acknowledge its existence.

blacstone500 is scrap

Trading Services

As far as their trading services go, things are even less clear. As we said before, the website is somewhat of a jungle. We know two things. We know that they offer the service on mobile. We know the app they offer on mobile is Activ8.


trading services

However, the ratings for this app are not the greatest.

The rest is hard to know. We could not find information about demo accounts, promotions, etc. They do not seem very willing to advertise themselves really. They offer good service, but do not mention what that service includes, really. The likelihood of Blackstone500 being a scam increases.

Customer Service

The customer service is another confusing area. We have mentioned this before. There is only a British number, but their offices are in Switzerland. If you change the language on the website, the number stays the same.


While we are on the subject, let us discuss languages. You can view the site in a huge range of languages. This seems great, at first, as anyone can trade in it. Unfortunately, it may not be. They do not offer information about what languages their services are in. You can only see the site in different languages.


The presence of a generic email is also worrying.


Blackstone500 Review Conclusion

We cannot say anything else apart from the fact that Blackstone500 is likely a scam. It promises a rich history of trading, having awards. However, this image soon falls apart. There is little information about their services. This is for both on their own website, and everywhere else. Every other place seems to be quite negative on the place too. Therefore, overall, we cannot recommend any trader consider this brokerage.

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