Bitget promises $20 Million for World Cup

Bitget promises $20 Million for World Cup

Bitget’s campaign will feature its associate, soccer star Lionel Messi.

More than four billion people watch FIFA’s World Cup every four years.

Bitget, a top crypto trading platform, has invested heavily in Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022. The exchange will invest $20 million in the worldwide event to raise awareness and fetch more people into crypto.

Bitget is doubling down on its soccer bet following its recent partnering with international superstar Lionel Messi. The Argentinian soccer legend will be the face of the company’s movement, featuring the brand film Make it Count.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, stated that working with a legend like Messi inspires them at Bitget to perform their best and be humble at the same time. She added that they would like to follow Messi’s path to keep breaking their limits and constantly enhance their platform for the users.

Being one of the most recognizable faces worldwide, Messi could assist boost the platform’s brand distinction, re-engage with the market, and eventually draw more users.

Possible Audience of 4 Billion

The move is an element of Bitget’s strategy to extend its international presence and become a strong player in the crypto market. Soccer is among the most popular sports worldwide, with nearly four billion people tuning in to watch the World Cup every four years. This offers exchanges like Bitget a remarkable opportunity to acquire potential users internationally and build their brand globally.

Bitget is separate in its soccer play. Binance, the largest exchange by trading volume, has partnered with soccer star and Messi’s rival, Christiano Ronaldo.

The move arrives during the continuing crypto winter when most crypto firms are scaling back their advertising efforts.