Bitcoin Artwork, Robert Allice, Christie’s, and Auction

Bitcoin Artwork, Robert Allice, Christie’s, and Auction

Robert Alice is an art historian-turned-blockchain artist. He believes that the Bitcoin codebase is a politically and culturally significant piece of 21-century history.

In an upcoming auction, Christie’s will sell its first nonfungible token. It has been characterized as ‘the largest artwork’ in the history of BTC (Bitcoin).

Art historian turned blockchain artist Robert Alice created a ‘Portrait of a Mind”. It is a monumental series of forty paintings stretching over fifty meters in length.

‘Portrait of a Mind’ is a complete hand-painted transcription of the 12.3 million digits of the code that launched the cryptocurrency, drawing of the founding myth of Bitcoin’s creation as well as the history of the 20th century.

The project will scatter the codebase into forty globally distributed fragments. Moreover, it will draw up a global network of forty collectors where no individual will hold all the code. That is what Alice said. Many people are waiting for the exhibition.

Art and Bitcoin Intertwined

He explained that in each work, an algorithm found a set of hex digits. Those sets of coordinates are unique to each painting. Forty locations will be across forty paintings. Each location has particular significance for the history of Bitcoin.

Furthermore, Alice said, speaking to Cointelegraph, that he remains curious. Curiosity is over why much of the commemoration of Bitcoin is emphasizing the publication of the whitepaper above and over the codebase itself. That is, for him, ‘the real historical document.’

One painting from the series is ‘Block 21 (42.36433° N, -71.26189° E).’ So, Christie’s will sell it as part of its Contemporary Day and Post-War Auction on October seven. It will be at the end of a week-long exhibition of auctioned works in New York.

Moreover, As an integral part of the work, the piece includes a unique fungible token. The estimated price will be twelve-eighteen thousand dollars.

All in all, The exhibition and auction will be an exciting event.

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