Bitcoin and Litecoin fell on Wednesday. What about Ripple?

Bitcoin and Litecoin fell on Wednesday. What about Ripple?

The cryptos traded in the bearish territory on Wednesday. Bitcoin fell by 1.46% to $6,334.0, while Monero’s XMR, Stellar’s Lumen, and Tezos declined by 2.53%, by 1.97%, and by 1.92%, respectively. On the other hand, Cardano’s ADA, EOS, and Ripple’s XRP remained flat.

The cryptocurrency market fluctuated during the last few days. While some cryptos moved into bullish territory, others remained firmly bearish. Bitcoin gained the most. It rallied by 8.74% on Monday, and after adding 0.31% on Tuesday, the crypto ended the day at $6,427.7.

Binance Coin soared by 3.2%, and Cardano’s ADA climbed up by 2.56%. Monero’s XMR also added 3.43%.

Meanwhile, Ethereum gained modestly by 0.59%, with Litecoin rising by 0.41%. Tezos also climbed up by 0.07%. Stellar’s Lumen, Ripple’s XRP, and Tron’s TRX rose by 1.90%, 1.49%, and 1.08%, respectively.

However, not all the cryptos ended the day in the green. Bitcoin Cash ABC, Bitcoin Cash SV, and EOS declined, losing 0.18%, 0.78%, and 0.62% respectively on Tuesday.

The crypto total market cap stood at $178.54bn on Wednesday. Before lowering, the total market cap skyrocketed from a Monday low $168.04bn to a Tuesday high $182.28bn over the week.

What about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin fluctuated on Tuesday. It rose to an early morning intraday high $6,536.0 before reversing the course. Bitcoin dropped down to a mid-day intraday low $6,349.7 after it fell short of the first major resistance level at $6,735.43.

However, the crypto found support later in the afternoon and recovered to $6,400 levels, ending the day in the green even though it steered clear of the first major support level at $5,980.33.

Bitcoin fell by 10.83% during the last quarter. It declined further by 24.9% in March, losing some of the gains from the start of the year. The crypto’s dominance lowered to sub-65% levels after Bitcoin gained modestly on Tuesday, but it stood at 64.9% pm on Wednesday.

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