Biden’s announcement regarding the AI dangers in tech

Biden’s announcement regarding the AI dangers in tech

President Joe Biden stated on Tuesday that while it is still unclear whether artificial intelligence is dangerous, technology companies must ensure their products are secure before making them available to the general public.

President Biden and his council of advisers on science and technology discussed important topics in Tech during a recent meeting. They addressed hazards and opportunities for individual users and national security. Rapidly advancing artificial intelligence poses a risk to the safety of real humans.

Biden participated in a press conference with academics and executives from Microsoft and Google. He shared his concerns regarding the potential dangers of AI technology. He marked the positive sides of AI. For example, disease and climate change are two very challenging problems that AI can help with. Although it also needs to address possible hazards to society, the economy, and national security.

After the release of the well-liked ChatGPT AI chatbot, which sparked a race among tech giants to release similar tools while raising ethical and societal concerns about technology that can produce convincing text or artwork that appears to be the work of humans, artificial intelligence shot to the top of the national and international conversation in recent months.

According to Rebecca Finlay, CEO of the industry-backed Partnership on AI, while tech companies should always be accountable for the safety of their products, Biden’s reminder reflects a recent occurrence: the emergence of simple-to-use AI tools that can produce deceptive content and synthetic media that looks like the real thing, or deepfakes.

Biden urged Congress to pass legislation to protect children and limit data collection

The Democratic president arranged the AI meeting, according to the White House. The reason was to discuss the importance of protecting rights and safety to ensure responsible innovation and appropriate safeguards. Besides, Biden outlined the need to renew his call for Congress to enact legislation to safeguard children and limit the data technology companies collect.

Italy temporarily blocked ChatGPT over data privacy concerns, and European Union lawmakers are negotiating new rules to limit high-risk AI products. The US has had a laissez-faire approach to the commercial development of AI, but Biden’s Tuesday remarks are setting the stage for a national dialogue on the topic. Last year, the Biden administration unveiled a set of far-reaching goals aimed at averting harms caused by the rise of AI systems, including guidelines for protecting people’s personal data and limiting surveillance.

The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights did not outline concrete enforcement measures. Rather, it was meant to serve as an appeal to the US government to protect digital and civil rights in an AI-driven world.

Arati Prabhakar, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and member of the Cabinet, serves as co-chair of Biden’s PCAST group, which is made up of specialists in the fields of science, engineering, technology, and medicine.