AUD/USD Poised for Breakout Below 0.6700 Resistance

AUD/USD Poised for Breakout Below 0.6700 Resistance

Quick Look:

  • AUD/USD is trading below the 0.6700 resistance, indicating market indecisiveness despite some recovery.
  • A rising channel with support at 0.6625 on the 4-hour chart suggests the potential for movement; key resistance levels include 0.6675, 0.6690, and 0.6700.
  • Rising oil prices nearing $85.00 could strengthen the AUD, potentially triggering a breakout above the 0.6700 resistance.

The AUD/USD currency pair trades within a narrow range, specifically below the 0.6700 resistance level. This cautious dance between buyers and sellers marks a significant juncture for the Aussie Dollar. Despite recovering some of its earlier losses, the pair remains stuck in this range, highlighting the market’s indecisiveness. A key rising channel is forming for those keeping a close eye on the charts, with crucial support established at the 0.6625 mark on the 4-hour chart. This setup indicates potential for movement, but the question remains: what will be the catalyst for a fresh increase?

Technical Analysis: The 4-Hour Chart

Diving into the technical specifics, the 4-hour chart paints a clearer picture of the AUD/USD’s current predicament. The pair is comfortably above the 100 simple moving average (SMA) and the 200 SMA, often seen as barometers of medium to long-term trends. Forming a rising channel with support at 0.6625 offers a glimmer of hope for bulls eyeing a breakout.

Resistance levels to watch include 0.6675, which coincides with the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level of the downward move from 0.6689 swing high to 0.6634 low. Beyond this, the next significant hurdles are 0.6690 and the all-important 0.6700 mark. A decisive move above 0.6700 could open the doors to 0.6740, with the potential to test the 0.6800 zone. On the flip side, immediate support lies near 0.6650, with a significant support base at 0.6625. Should the price slip below this level, a decline towards 0.6520 could be on the cards.

The Oil Price Factor

One external factor that could influence the AUD/USD pair is the ongoing rise in oil prices. Recently, oil prices have extended their gains, inching closer to the $85.00 resistance level. This development is crucial as Australia is a major commodity exporter, and higher oil prices often correlate with a stronger Aussie Dollar.

Should the bulls push oil prices above the $85.00 resistance zone, we might see a ripple effect supporting a stronger AUD. This scenario could be the spark needed for the AUD/USD to break free from its current range and head towards higher levels.

Economic Releases: Gauging the Market Sentiment

Economic data releases often serve as significant catalysts for currency movements. Looking ahead, several key releases are on the horizon. In the Euro Zone, the Services PMI for June 2024 is forecast to remain steady at 52.6. Similarly, the UK Services PMI is expected to hold at 51.2, showing a stable yet unspectacular service sector.

In the United States, the Services PMI for June 2024 is projected at 55.1, down slightly from the previous 55.1, while the ISM Services PMI is forecast to dip to 52.5 from 53.8. These figures suggest a modest slowdown in service sector growth. Additionally, analysts expect US initial jobless claims to slightly rise to 235,000 from 233,000, with the ADP employment change forecasted to increase to 160,000 from 152,000.

The Role of the US ISM Manufacturing Index

Another critical data point is the US ISM Manufacturing Index. In June 2024, analysts expect it to stay below the 50.0 threshold at 49.0. This index closely watches the manufacturing sector economic health, signalling contraction below 50. If the actual figure meets or falls short of expectations, it could weigh on the US Dollar, providing an indirect boost to the AUD/USD pair.

What Lies Ahead?

The AUD/USD is currently in a holding pattern below the 0.6700 resistance. The technical setup suggests potential for a breakout, but it will likely require a significant catalyst. Rising oil prices and key economic data releases, particularly from the US, could provide the necessary momentum.

Traders should closely monitor these factors as they navigate the ever-change forex trading landscape. Whether it’s the steadying hand of technical analysis or the unpredictable nature of economic indicators, the journey of the AUD/USD promises to be interesting. The pair remains range-bound for now, but the seeds of a fresh increase are there, waiting for the right conditions to sprout.