Artificial Intelligence, Tech Companies, and Various Issues

Artificial Intelligence, Tech Companies, and Various Issues

Tech companies play an important role in everyday life. Nevertheless, there are certain factors as well. For example, computer programs equipped with artificial intelligence or AI were hurting poor communities. It is worth noting that AI-enabled public and private systems linked to health, benefits, and policing were making capricious and damaging decisions based on flawed data and ethnic and gender biases.

Moreover, the Artificial intelligence systems were so impenetrable that they were hard to monitor or challenge. The American political scientist Virginia Eubanks wrote a book about this issue. The title of this book is “Automating Inequality”. Let’s have a look at the book to learn more about the situation.

As stated above, it is hard to imagine the modern world without tech companies such as Google, Apple, and others. However, the issue of AI bias is sparking angry debate in Silicon Valley. The debate is not about the people living in poverty and how AI created problems. The well-paid tech workers at Google discuss other topics.

People should keep in mind that, earlier this month, Margaret Mitchell, a Google employee lost her job. She studied ethics in AI. Interestingly, Mitchell was apparently looking for evidence that the tech giant maltreated Timnit Gebru. She was a co-leader at the AI ethics unit. According to the tech giant, Gebru left because she breached internal research protocols.

This issue is deeply embarrassing for the company. Interestingly, Gebru is against racial and gender biases. Moreover, she tried to publish a research paper about the dangers of untrammeled AI innovation that apparently upset Google executives.

How tech companies can improve artificial intelligence

As can be seen from the information stated above, it won’t be easy to solve this issue. People should keep in mind that Silicon Valley’s problems with gender and racial imbalance started a long time ago.

There is another issue as well. The pressure on tech companies is mainly coming from regulators or shareholders, but from employees themselves. They are trying to address many issues such as racial discrimination, labor rights, etc. It is worth mentioning that Google is no stranger to scandals. Moreover, not only Google but other tech companies as well are struggling to cope with similar problems.

Tech companies should join forces to address all AI-related problems, as soon as possible. Moreover, it is desirable to cooperate with experts, as well as users to find the best solution.