Apple Will Sell Device Repair Tools

Apple Will Sell Device Repair Tools

Apple will allow people to repair Apple devices; Starting with the latest iPhone models, ending with the Mac. Next year the company will start selling tools needed to replace and install spare parts and broken components.

In a profitable market, it looks like Apple will be able to remove the middleman for repairing the devices. All third-party repair shops may be between Apple users and its new repair shop. Why does Apple give up money that consumers pay to an independent store to repair a broken headset or cracked screen; When in return, the company can sell customers everything they need to fix it?

We wonder what the consequences of Apple’s move will be for companies like iFixit. This company not only provides an excellent overview of device repair but also sells parts and tools. Apple has decided that it can make some money on its own, without an intermediary.

Doubts of Experts

Some experts believe that Apple is making a clear attempt to circumvent the law on these concessions. There are fears that Apple wants to do a minimum to move the laws forward. Apparently, most Apple consumers probably do not want to wrestle with the industrial adhesives used in assembling iPhones.

Apple lets you purchase a kit to repair your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. The kit includes a repair manual and the necessary part, complete with several tools. In the first stage, the plan will only allow you to repair the battery, display, or camera module. The company claims that other means will be available by the end of next year.

A look at iFixit shows that the iPhone 13 gets 5 out of 10 repair points. It is hard to replace a normal piece of glass that covers the structure. Experts raised scores with access to specialized tools that Apple does not intend to include in the repair kit. It is doubtful that iFixit praises Apple for preceding correction laws that it has defended for years. Instead of taking advantage of the further education of consumers about why it is so wrong to produce phones in 2021.

Almost every company that manufactures smartphones in 2021 manufactures them to prohibit even the most straightforward repairs. This applies to Apple, Google, Samsung, and any company that makes the phone. Some people believe that Apple has moved in the right direction, but there is a long way to go.