Apple TV Plus and It’s Extended Trial Period After One Year

Apple TV Plus and It’s Extended Trial Period After One Year

No one thought much of Apple TV Plus outside of excited Apple executives. Even with six billion dollars allocated for content and a roster of talent that included Oprah Winfrey, J.J. Abrams, and Reese Witherspoon, little on Apple TV Plus shined at launch. Apple TV+ barely managed to enter the conversation, except for The Morning Show. Meanwhile, other new entrants like Disney Plus soared right out the gate.

Nevertheless, streaming is not a sprint. It is a marathon. The anniversary of Apple TV+ is arriving with eh platform getting better each month. Nonetheless, it is not where Apple needs it to be.

It is impossible to ignore the most apparent flailing the Apple TV Plus confronts: There is no back catalogue for keeping people around once they have finished watching the thirty-one TV series and handfuls of movies currently on the platform. To compare, Apple TV Plus has four hundred times fewer moves than Netflix. Furthermore, very few of those are must-watch programming. Few exceptions are Mythic Quest, The Morning Show, and Ted Lasso. Nevertheless, that is not enough to ask people to spend five dollars a month. Thus, Apple has not requested it. It gave most of its subscribers the freedom to stream over the last twelve months for free.

Apple TV Plus

Apple is keenly aware of this issue. Moreover, the company extended its free trial period by another three months. Thus, they gave free trial the ones who signed up last November when Apple debuted its’ TV Plus. The extension will last till the end of January. Also, Apple TV+ is the only service that sources most of its subscribers from promotions. It is according to analyst Michael Nathanson. Twenty-nine percent of subscribes have no plan to renew once they must spend five dollars. Apple TV Plus faces one of the largest churn percentages (17%) out of all the prominent streamers. It is according to a poll from HarrisX. Nathanson wrote that his team is remaining concerned about Apple TV+. He added that the streamer is in danger to lose momentum if they cannot entice renewals with exciting original content in the coming months.

Apple is not immune to pandemic-caused issues. Production of series and films were forced to shut down. Apple could buy some moves from studios looking to generate any form of revenue. Nevertheless, Apple TV Plus did not become the go-to streaming platform.

That is the situation concerning Apple.

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