Amazon Web Services Delay – What Actually Happened

Amazon Web Services Delay – What Actually Happened

Amazon Web Services had connection issues on Wednesday. The service disruption has occurred for the second time in the last two weeks. Microsoft and Tinder also had problems. There have been more than 500 shutdown notifications on Tinder. More than 200 on Microsoft Azure.

According to Microsoft, engineers are working to solve problems related to Azure. Outlook is also experiencing downtime. Recently, people have also expressed concerns about the issues of Facebook, Google, EA, Slack, and Call of Duty. Some shutdowns have reportedly affected consumers around the world.

Most of the problems are related to the server issue; Additionally, the problem can also spread to devices that people use to access online platforms. Thousands of users have reported issues related to Amazon Web Services.

According to the company, now the system is working correctly, and there are no delays for users. According to Amazon, from 7:14 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., users experienced an increased loss of network packets, which affected their ability to connect to sub-destinations of Internet destinations. Traffic in the AWS regions, including other areas of the Internet, was not affected.

The problem was due to network congestion between a subgroup of Internet Service Providers and parts of the AWS Backbone. This traffic engine wrongly handled further traffic than normal on parts of the AWS Backbone. This, in turn, further influenced the connection of the Internet destinations subgroup. The company does not expect a repetition of a similar case at this stage.

AWS administers cloud services to some of the most popular brands, including Tinder, Disney +, Hulu, Twitch, Netflix. So a problem with Amazon servers could mean that several of your favorite apps are running at the same time.

Facebook and Technical Issues

The flaw in Facebook was also particularly noticeable. This can be a problem for social media with people’s devices to access the app. According to the Meta spokesperson, the company is aware of the existing shortcoming. It will be eliminated as soon as it is fixed.

The company did not specify the exact type of problem. However, there is a flaw in the login or website. At the same time, complaints were spread about the problems on Twitter. It seems that most of the bugs have been fixed by this time. Companies continue to work on the issue and research the underlying causes.