Inc Still Fighting for the Pentagon Deal Inc Still Fighting for the Pentagon Deal orders a reevaluation of the US Defense Departments’ latest decision for September. The decision showed that Microsoft remains the best fit in the quest. 

The technology giant is currently the frontrunner on the high-profile cloud computing deal with Pentagon reportedly worth $10 billion.

The e-commerce giant made an appeal on Tuesday. In it, the company claims that Microsoft Inc’s award should be invalid. 

The opposition came with a statement saying that the move is a product of “systematic bias and bad faith.” 

Similarly, it goes further and says that this is a result of the unfair influence from the former president to drive the award away from its grip.

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, also known as the JEDI contract, is a high-profile deal with DoD’s Pentagon. It is part of its digital modernization initiative.

The cloud computing contract goes to them on grounds of having the optimum technological offering at the best price. 

This came along with the announcement of its Azure Stack. This is one of its novel initiatives towards public cloud which offers the flexibility of being inside the customer data center.

Amazon went further to say that the decision is “flawed and politically corrupted.”

The assertive comment came after AWS offered a substantial reduction in its price putting the first as the lowest-priced bid among other competitors.

The drama has been going on for several months. It is preventing the deal from going ahead even after the sealing of the contract.

Back in February, one of the judges in-charge granted’s request to temporarily halt in order to give way to further reevaluation of the choice.


Microsoft Retaliates

In response, the Windows 10 developer notes that its win is entirely due to its superior technology and overall value.

Similarly, the firm asserted that it strives to develop the best solutions there are. They feel that this makes it the most appropriate winner for the JEDI contract.

Prior to the new initiative, the government and Microsoft itself had already filed for motions to dismiss Amazon’s complaint and is posed to go ahead as planned.

The new filing is likely to delay the long-standing issue, further keeping the billion-dollar stake at bay.

Meanwhile, in an update on Amazon’s shares, its stocks currently settle on the same level as its August 1 value and had not made any significant movements since July.

According to investors, share prices are currently undervalued, making them ideal for Buy at the present moment.

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