AI will threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs

AI will threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs

The development of artificial intelligence could lead to the automation of many jobs in the United States and Europe, which could threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs, according to research by investment bank Goldman Sachs.

According to the Financial Times, the investment bank said that an artificial intelligence system such as ChatGPT could, in the future, create content indistinguishable from human production, which could trigger a productivity boom that would eventually increase annual gross domestic product (GDP) seven per cent in ten years.

The London paper writes that it would also significantly disrupt the labour market, putting 300 million workers in major economies at risk. The analysis indicates that approximately two-thirds of jobs in the United States and Europe are disclosed to some degree of artificial intelligence automation founded on data on tasks generally performed in several occupations.

In the US, artificial intelligence would affect 63 per cent of the workforce. However, it will not threaten the other 30 per cent who do physical jobs.

The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, recently spoke about the development of artificial intelligence and drew attention to the fact that it will significantly affect the industry in the next ten years.

Artificial intelligence becomes the most important thing

Everyone expected Google to be the first to develop artificial intelligence. This company has gained a specific reputation for investing in various new technologies. Most of the research that has fueled the current wave of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot development has occurred in its labs.

However, a startup called OpenAI became a leader in the so-called generative artificial intelligence – software that creates its text, images and videos – by introducing ChatGPT in November last year.