Actor Patton Oswalt and the United States President Trump

Actor Patton Oswalt and the United States President Trump

Actor Patton Oswalt is reportedly worth millions. On Saturday, he attacked protesters. He argued that they were whining needlessly concerning the state restrictions impacting the economy during the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, Trump has another point of view.

Moreover, he tweeted that Anne Frank spent two years hiding in an attic. They have been home for just over month with, video games, Netlfix &food deliver. Moreover, he continues, some people risk their viral death by storming state capital buildings & screaming.

Thus, amid the widespread calls for states for reopening their economies by removing restrictions related to the coronavirus, his comments came. Social guidance and distancing are surrounding essential activities that have made them a more difficult day for businesses to stay open. Moreover, in recent weeks at least 22 million people have filed unemployment claims. It is more than 12 percent of the workforce.

According to multiple reports, Oswalt has an estimated net worth of $14 million. Moreover, as some indicated, he was not considering the impact on people’s finances; his tweet received mixed reactions.

Trump’s View

Governors are eager to rescue their economies. Moreover, they are feeling the heat from President Trump is moving to ease restrictions for controlling the spread of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, there are emerging new hot spots, and experts are warning that moving too fast might be disastrous.

Similarly, the public health experts have warned that an easing of the shutdowns must be accompanied by broader testing. Moreover, that must be tracing of infected people to keep the virus from coming back with a vengeance.

However, the United States President Donald Trump has another view of point. He thinks that the solution to the coronavirus might be worse than the problem itself. Via Twitter, on Friday, he urged that stage governments must liberate their people from restrictions that have impacted economic activity.

Let’s see what happens.

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