A long Cold Winter awaits Americans, Courtesy of Biden

A long Cold Winter awaits Americans, Courtesy of Biden

One year ago, Joe Biden warned Americans that COVID would bring along a very dark winter. Now that he is president, Biden is bringing Americans a brutally cold and bitterly expensive winter. The struggles on the upcoming winter can surpass all of Biden’s previous bungling and lead to a political disaster. 

While In July, Biden declared that he believes this high inflation will likely not get out of hand, now, after six months, it seems like the White House is changing its perspective. 

Biden’s administration does not sound promising

Since September 2020, gas prices have surged more than 180 percent, alongside the increases in electricity costs. Moreover, home heating oil prices have jumped 115 percent over the past year. Fuel oil is up near 60 percent from a year ago. According to the federal government forecast, this is while the home heating costs are estimated to rise to 54 percent this winter. 

Biden has promised to do everything in our power to control the factors that are raising the prices and stabilize the supply chain. Regardless of the White House promises, Biden does not seem to fix the problem anytime soon.

Biden administration officials are insisting that the recent increases in the inflation rate are only transitory. They are promising that many of the supply bottlenecks that we’re experiencing right now will recede a year from now. This is while Biden’s infrastructure bill should only worsen inflation and change the overall situation for the worse.

Where is the US headed?

It was shortly before the election of Biden that the US had finally achieved energy independence. However, while Biden is talking tough against Vladimir Putin, US imports of Russian oil have soared substantially this year. 

According to a report from the Institute for Energy Research, Joe Biden sought help from the domestic producers without being willing to return the tools he took away from them. The report has referred to the Keystone XL pipeline as an example that the US refuses to give back. 

In criticizing the Biden’s administration approach, Saule Omarova, Biden’s nominee for comptroller of the currency, declared that we want to bankrupt the oil and gas companies to tackle climate change. 

Predictions are that for Biden and his allies, the upcoming bitter winter can last until the November midterm congressional elections that can beget an Ice Age for the White House.