2021 iPhone without any port, Jony Ive, and Ming Kuo

2021 iPhone without any port, Jony Ive, and Ming Kuo


Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst, is in the center of attention again. He made a bold claim about the iPhone, which will come out in two years. He claims that at least one variant of the iPhone 2021 will have no ports.

Many thought that Apple would make the switch to USB-C at some point. It now seems this will not be the case. iPhone 2021 will provide completely wireless experiences with the help of 9to50Mac. From the flagship model, the charging port will remove, Kuo expects. The power users are the people who like feature removal.

Speculations about the port-free iPhone were going on for long. But no one thought it would arrive so soon considering the popularity of USB-C and its prominent use among Apple’s Laptops and tablets. It will be a thing that Jony Ive was supporting, remembering his dream of an iPhone that looked like ‘a single sheet of glass.’ Because he left the company, we are not sure how much influence his design idea will have on the new iPhone.

Before his departure, Ive said that he was proud of the lasting work the company has done to design team, culture, and process at Apple that is without peer. Jony Ive was successful in piecing together a group of the best creative talents from around the world. Apple’s design team won them countless design awards during the time and solved many challenges of the last decade. They reduced the weight and size of the MacBook Pro line and MacBook, pieced together the sought-after new Mac Pro, and handled the ‘notch’ on the edge-to-edge screens of the new iPhones.

Port-free iPhone

Port-free iPhone

Now design team leader is Evans Hankey, the vice president of industrial design. Ive’s plan probably is to start his own company, but he will continue to work with Apple on many projects simultaneously.

There are also questions about how that would play out in practice. If someone wants to use the iPhone while charging, it is a little bit difficult, while wireless charging might be convenient. Maybe the company will have enough battery that they only need to overnight charge.  Or it will have some grip attachment. Perhaps it even figured out how to transmit electricity of the wireless from a distance effectively. There are many options for imagination.

Kuo has predictions over the other upcoming Apple devices. He thinks that a new iPhone SE2 will arrive in early 2020, shaped like a 4.7-inch iPhone 8, with better internals, though.

The apple will release four phones later in the year, including a smaller 5.4-inch model, 6.1-inch models, and a 6.7-inch model. Many Apple supporter thinks that it will be nice if the company will concentrate on small phones, not bigger ones. The high-end models will have three and an extra time-of-flight sensor for depth-sensing purposes, while the two lower ends models will still have dual cameras.

Kuo anticipates that Apple will release an iPhone SE 2 Plus in 2021 with a 5.5-inch or 6.1 display. The company will have a hectic year.